[Coverage] 2019 Taiwanese & Malaysian Musician Exchange:Taiwan Beat Showcase Night (2019台马音乐人交流会:台湾之夜)

[Coverage] 2019 Taiwanese & Malaysian Musician Exchange:Taiwan Beat Showcase Night (2019台马音乐人交流会:台湾之夜)

Kuala Lumpur, September 2019 – Organized by Taiwan Ministry of Culture Bureau of Audiovisual & Musician Industry Development and Taiwan Color Music, one great showcase of the Taiwan music was held on 30th August 2019 at KLPAC!

The showcase of the various music culture from Taiwan!
The evening was a fun-filled night featuring the outstanding performers from Taiwan including Chalaw Pasiwali 查勞巴西瓦里, Enno Cheng 鄭宜農 and rock band Elephant Gym 大象体操. There was a performance by Malaysian electronic rock band Pastel Lite too.

The flavour of Taiwan Aborigine Music! Aborigine language shares similarity with Bahasa Malaysia?
Kicking off the show was Chalaw Pasiwali 查勞巴西瓦里, who is from Taiwan Aborigine tribe! He has showcased quite a number of beautiful music blended with Ami Culture. During the show, he and his band members have actively interacted with the audiences by giving cues for the audiences to join along the singing.

Apart from that, Chalaw Pasiwali also taught us a few words in Taiwan Aborigine language which sounds so similar to our very own Bahasa Malaysia. This is very notable when he counted from 1 to 10 in Taiwan Aborigine language. Out of the few numbers, there are some which sounds identical to our Bahasa Malaysia counterpart.

In addition to that, the Aborigine band also brought the excitement up when they actually invited the audience to the front to dance along in their tribe dance.

A dose of Malaysia Electronic Rock by Pastel Lite!
After the performance by Chalaw Pasiwali, we were treated with a dose of Electronic Rock Music from our very own Malaysian local band Pastel Lite. It was quite a sweet performance from them!

Eff Hakim, the lead singer of the band was very thankful for the opportunity given and she’s glad to be able to collaborate with the Taiwanese artists on that night. She was able to converse in a few Mandarin words as a respectful greetings to the audiences from Taiwan.

Enno Cheng’s Mesmerizing Performance!
Another highlight of the show was the performance by singer-songwriter Enno Cheng. This was not the first time for Enno to perform in Malaysia. However, it is the first time for her to be presented to a showcase in Malaysia as a solo performer. Despite that, she also took her time to introduce the young and rising talents in her band.

She has put up a melodious performance during the night and has totally captivated the hearts of the audiences. During the show, she also hinted that she may be coming back to Malaysia again for concert. Let’s look forward for it again.

Elephant Gym 大象体操 Rock The Night!
Last but not least, the show ended with the performance by Elephant Gym 大象体操! The rock band consisted of KT Chang (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Tell Chang (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals) and Chia-Chin Tu (Drums). The three of them just finished their tour in Europe before coming to Malaysia. And the performance in our shore is their last prior to their return to Taiwan.

Elephant Gym 大象体操 has moved the whole crowd up with their upbeat jamming! It was amazing! During the showcase, KT Chang and Tell Chang have prepared a surprise birthday cake for Chia-Chin Tu. Everyone sang a Birthday song together for him!

Overall, it was such a memorable night and a great musical exchange event! Am looking forward for their future events again!

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