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Thursday, 8 August 2019

[Explore] Marvel Studios : Ten Years Of Heroes Exhibition @ Pavilion KL

[Explore] Marvel Studios : Ten Years Of Heroes Exhibition @ Pavilion KL

Kuala Lumpur, August 2019 – Both me and my wife are big fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe! When we first heard that Marvel Studios Exhibition will be organized in Malaysia, we felt so excited about it! We have finally made our footsteps into this wonderful exhibition last week!

The exhibition will take place for 4 months from 28th June 2019 – 27th October 2019 at Pavilion Elite KL, Level 10. (It’s located near Haidilao Hot Pot).

The tickets for entrance are as below:
Adult: RM 48 (MYKAD), RM 58 (Normal)
Child: RM 28 (MYKAD), RM 38 (Normal)

If you are keen to create a custom Avengers ID Card, you may proceed with a photo-taking at the entrance of the exhibition. (The avengers ID card will cost you a little, but for memories, I felt it’s worth it)

Avengers Assemble!
Before we enter into the exhibition, the exhibition staff gave us a code to shout at. “Avengers Assemble!” Then we were guided into the exhibition whereby we get to explore the artefacts, concept arts and some original props used in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some of the highlights include:
Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Posters
Here, you can see a display of all the MCU movies posters so far. Some posters are even animated.

Iron Man’s Suits Display
This is one of our favourite spot in the exhibition. Here you get to discover more regarding Iron Man’s Suits throughout the whole saga up to Phase 3 of MCU.

Many Spots For Photo-Taking and Interactive Mini-games!
The whole exhibition has a lot of Instagrammable spots for photo taking! In addition to that, you can also experience some interactive Mini-games here too!

Finally, you will reach the merchandise store at the end of the exhibition whereby you can get some exclusive Marvel toys, T-shirts and etc for yourself or your kids! You can also collect your custom made Avengers ID here if you have opted for it before your entrance.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to the Marvel Studios : Ten Years Of Heroes Exhibition @ Pavilion KL! We love you 3000!

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