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Thursday, 22 August 2019

[Coverage] 8TV:2020 CNY Song MV Shooting Visit & Media Group Interview 8TV 2020年新年歌曲MV拍摄探班 + 媒体联访

[Coverage] 8TV2020 CNY Song MV Shooting Visit & Media Group Interview 8TV 2020年新年歌曲MV拍摄探班 + 媒体联访

Kuala Lumpur, August 2019 – Just a week ago, our team from www.wljack.com has attended a media group interview for 8TV 2020 CNY Song Music Video Shooting. It was such a lively session!

Spreading Happiness with the theme of “鼠来宝,笑笑力量大”!
In conjunction with the upcoming zodiac year of mouse, 8TV has started shooting for their upcoming 2020 CNY song titled “《笑笑力量大》”. The theme for next year would be 鼠来宝,笑笑力量大”. The reason for them to choose this theme is because the Malaysian’s happiness ranking has dropped from No. 35th to No.80th  based on The World Happiness Report. Because of that, 8TV hopes that the upcoming CNY campaign can encourage everyone to contribute a little effort in promoting greater happiness!

8 Happiness Ambassadors微笑大使!
In addition to that, 8 artistes were announced as the 微笑大使 Happiness Ambassadors for the upcoming 8TV CNY Campaign. These 8 celebrities are Rickman谢承伟, Joey梁祖仪, Jordan盛天俊, Orange陈慧恬, Henley许亮宇, Emily陈子颖, Wilson李伟燊 and Sherlyn萧丽玲. Only 7 of them were present during the interview as Emily was involved in a drama-shooting in a foreign country.

During the interview, all of the artistes also highlighted the challenges they faced during the recording. Jordan felt that he could sing the high pitch part of the song but has difficulty in performing the low pitch ones.

On the other hand, Rickman mentioned that he has to adjust his pitch accordingly as the demo was based on a female vocal. Some of them also highlighted that the hardest part of the recording was the group singing part.

During the interview, they have shared their experience in the shooting process. They highlighted that each and every one of them has their own tasks in spreading positive energy and joy. They revealed that their characters in the video will be given own respective tasks in helping other celebrities like Jan秦雯彬, Desmond郑瑞钥, Chrystina黄玮瑄, Wind李诗斌, Happy颜洁颖, Natalie小玉, Ley Teng陈丽亭, Lynn林绿 and etc.

The artistes jokingly highlighted that they already have experience in shooting CNY Music Video so it will be easier for some of them. (Some of them have been recurrently featured in the previous Media Prima CNY Campaign).

However, Henley mentioned that he was not well-prepared before the recording session. He felt that the recording session was a bit tougher than what he has expected as he needs to do a rap part for the song. Thus, during the interview, the other artistes were teasing him saying that he didn’t do enough “homework”. It was a funny moment during the interview session.

Another highlight is that the song was composed by our local talented singer Yise. So we can definitely anticipate a promising CNY song next year from 8TV!

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