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Sunday, 14 July 2019

[Concert Coverage] Fanfan 范玮琪 “在幸福的路上”世界巡回演唱会 @ KLCC Plenary Hall

[Concert Coverage] Fanfan 范玮琪在幸福的路上世界巡回演唱会 @ KLCC Plenary Hall

Kuala Lumpur. July 2019 – As mentioned in our previous post (Check out the article: https://www.wljack.com/2019/07/press-conference-coverage-fanfan-press.html ), it was 7 years ago since Christine Fan (Fan Fan) 范玮琪 came to Malaysia. Christine Fan has finally come to our shore again for her concert tour 在幸福的路上which was held on 7th July 2019 at KLCC Plenary Hall. Our team has been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

First Christine Fan’s Concert In Malaysia!
Organized by JINQUAN金泉 and VISM维智, co-organized by ACO有种娱乐, Christine Fan范玮琪《在幸福路的上》世界巡回演唱会 World Tour Concert In Malaysia has been held successfully on 7th July 2019. The concert has been a great treat for the fans who have waited for Christine Fan’s concert for such a long time. This was the first time for Christine Fan to have a concert here in Malaysia.

Angelic Singer With Melodic Voice!
Christine Fan (a.k.a Fan Fan)
has changed and swapped many dresses during the show. All of these clothes were very elegant and they fit her well. In fact, she looked as stunning as an angel who mesmerized the audience with her melodic voice. She kicked off the show with the concert title song 在幸福的路上”. Then, followed by a number of her popular songs including “想太多”,“我们的纪念日”, “旅程”,“黑白配” and etc.

Cross-Dimensional Cameo Appearance!
Fan Fan has “invited” a few of her celebrities friends as the cameo for the concert including S, A-Mei and Lee Hom via a cross-dimensional method. These celebrities appeared in her concert via multimedia format including footage of them which were played during the show. The most prominent is definitely Lee Hom’s “Cameo” whereby he was shown on big-screen playing guitar background for the song of 《那些花儿》.

Apart from that, Fan Fan has also sung the cover for a few songs including Faye Wong’s 《旋木》, Fish Leong’s 《会呼吸的痛》 and Stefanie Sun’s 《我不难过》. Her version of these songs were spectacular too!

Besides, the concert also featured some very sweet footage of her current life and approach to happiness. There was a footage of her and her husband in an “old couple” form. What a delightful sight!

In addition to that, there was a moment of Kiss Cam whereby the random couple caught on screen have to kiss each other. Most of the couples who attended the show were so sporting!

The show reached its finale after 20+ songs were performed by Fan Fan.  Despite reaching the end, the fans never leave the venue and cheered for an encore. Christine Fan then came back on stage in her casual attire. She mentioned that she has never expected so many people to stay back after her last song. The fans requested her to sing 《悄悄告诉你》as an encore. Without any background music, she sang the song as per requested by the fans with the help of a staff holding an iPad to display the lyrics for her.

Overall, it was a really satisfying concert and definitely a great night for all of Christine Fan’s fans!

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