[Coverage] Wen Suen林文蓀《這世界終會記得我的名字 Remember》 Live At The Platform, Menara Ken TTDI

[Coverage] Wen Suen林文蓀《這世界終會記得我的名字 Remember Live At The Platform, Menara Ken TTDI

Kuala Lumpur, June 2019 - Organized by Universal Music Malaysia, 林文荪 Wen Suen "這世界終會記得我的名字 Remember " live was successfully held at The Platform, Menara Ken TTDI on the 8th June, 2019, 8pm.

From Elegant to Wild Rapper! Wen Suen Impressed The Audience With Her Diversity!
Wen Suen who’s always being seen as a gentle and soft lady has amazed the fans with her display of rapping skill. She has put in a lot of effort in preparing for this rapping part of the show.

During the concert, Wen Suen mentioned that this was her second solo music showcase and it’s a ticketed show. Thus, she felt a bit pressured initially. However, after seeing the huge amount of audiences attending her show. She felt more relieved.

The live showcase was divided into a few segments based on her journey from her origin in Tawau, till standing on the stage of “The Voice” and finally till the release of her album under Universal Music Malaysia. In between, there were many surprises too making it a very memorable show.

Retelling Wen Suen’s Story In “The Voice”!
Wen Suen was the winner for Malaysia Singapore version of “The Voice”. After triumphed as the champion, she joined Universal Music Malaysia and recently released her album “Remember這世界終會記得我的名字”.

During the showcase, Wen Suen has brought back the scene of “The Voice” on stage. This time, she has performed all of the songs which she has sung during the competition including 《我是一隻小小鳥》、《離開情人的日子》、《風之彩》and the song which won her the competition,《身騎白馬》.

Wen Suen has highlighted her thoughts on her journey so far.  Wen Suen started to get involved in music since a very young age and has won quite a number of competitions. After secondary school, she went to Beijing for 5 years to further her study. In year 2017, she won the champion in "The Voice". And finally, she managed to have her own solo music showcase. It was never an easy journey for her.

She wanted to thank her mentor Gary Chaw 曹格 in “The Voice” for all of the help and supports. However, she said that she hopes he can fulfil his promise, which is to have a steamboat session together.

Wen Suen was touched because her whole family actually came all over from Tawau to KL to support her showcase. Wen Suen has prepared a song and a drawing for her mother. She thanked her parents for their upbringing which finally leads her to what she is today.
Besides that, another highlight of the show is the group singing together with Sherry陈依依, Pink陈珂冰, Karmun黄嘉文 & Yen饶燕婷. All 5 of them sang “You Know My Name” together.

The music showcase finally ended with her song "这世界終会记得我的名字Remember”. It was an astonishing performance!

The concert was definitely a night to remember!

Song List During The Live Concert:
1. "农夫" + "橄榄树"
2. "最高的地方"
3. "郁金香的祈祷" + "当时年纪小"
4. "北京情歌"
5. "去莫留情"
6. [The Voice] suite: "我是一只小小鸟" + "身騎白马" + "离开情人的日子" + "风之彩"
7. "我的天空一直晴朗"
8. Tell me why + "宽恕" + "乌兰巴托的夜"
9. You Know My Name
10. "有一朵花开在我的身体里"
11. [Acoustic] suite:  "让我爱你好吗" + "怎么了" + "年少有为" + " 绿色"Green + " 恋曲 1990"
12. "我曾经一个人放牧时间"
13. "这世界終会记得我的名字"

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