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Thursday, 28 February 2019

[Complete Coverage] BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] In Kuala Lumpur

[Complete Coverage] BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] In Kuala Lumpur

Credits to YG Entertainment.

February 2019, Kuala Lumpur - It was an extremely happy weekend for the BLINKs last weekend on 23rd February 2019 and 24th February 2019 as BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] In Kuala Lumpur was successfully held at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam!

As a BLINK myself , I am going to share with you the complete coverage of the whole events from on-ground activities, soundcheck, concert events to send-off events! (The chief editor WLJack is a hardcore BLACKPINK Fans, he has purchased a BLINK Zone ticket on Day 1, Purple Zone ticket on Day 2, won soundcheck passes and send off passes from lucky draws and onground contests)

The concert has attracted a total crowd of 8,000 on each day and summed up a total of 16,000 attendees for both days of events! What an amazing amount of attendees!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Amazing Venue Setup with Lots Of Activities!
Prior to the concert, the venue itself was packed with a lot of on-ground activities including Kia’s Dance Competition, Caraoke, Tao Kae Noi’s Lucky Draw, Manhattan FISH MARKET’s Eating Contest, KyoChon’s Lucky 50s Winner and etc. All of these booths actually provided a chance for the fans to win amazing prizes including the Ticket Passes to the show, Soundcheck Passes, Send-Off Passes as well as autographed albums.

Besides, the venue also provided the backdrop for the fans to take photo with. We also get to see the showcase of Kia’s Stinger which was signed by BLACKPINK Members! In addition to that, the fans can also get to purchase the limited editions merchandises directly from YG! What a golden opportunity for the fans to get a hand on some of these rare collectibles!

Soundcheck Events!
I was grateful to be able to attend the soundcheck events for both days. Before we entered the stadium, we were informed that no photography or videography was allowed. So there’s no photos for me to share at this point.

However, I would really love to thank the organizer for the opportunity given to the fans to attend the soundcheck. This event allowed the lucky fans to witness their idols Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé performed LIVE before anyone else. The zone in which the fans were gathered was at the BLINK Zone. So they can see the girls at a very close distance.

During this session, all of the members were in their casual attires instead of the dolled-up performing attires. However, it’s a refreshing experience for the fans as we get to see the more natural side of the amazing girl group! Lisa looks extremely cute with her spectacles on!

For both days, the girls performed 3 songs for the lucky fans during the soundcheck including “Really”, “See U Later” and “Kiss And Makeup”!

Here comes the part in which all of us were hyped up for. The gate for BLINK Zones started at 4pm, and the ticket holders entered according to batches.

Before the concert starts, the audiences were catered with all of the BLACKPINK Music Videos. It’s a wonderful sight to see how the fans actually sing along when they were watching the music videos.

At around 6.20pm, the concert kicked off with a high energy state! There was a Pink Rubik Cube multimedia being shown on the screen. In a short moment, the girls appeared on stage with a great start as they hit the crowd with “DDU DU DDU DU” LIVE Band version! The beats are so much more intense in this LIVE Version and there’s no reason not to scream for such an astonishing start!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Following DDU DU DDU DU, the girls proceeded with another upbeat song “Forever Young”, then remix version of “Stay” and the very catchy “Whistle”.

After this, the concert continued with the solo stage performances by all four members. First to appear solo on-stage was Jisoo with her Korean version of Clarity! She was seated on a crystal-spheres throne and was filled with elegance. Her vocal was very unique and soothing!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Second to come on stage was Lisa with her dance cover! She has made a cool entrance with a background intro highlighting her name “Lalisa Manoban”! She then captivated the audiences with her very fluid and sexy dance for Take Me and Swalla! Some fans can be seen jumping at BLINK ZONE as she performed the extraordinary choreograph on stage!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

After Lisa’s solo performance, we were graced by Rosé’s melodious voice as she sang “Let It Be”, “You & I” and “Just Look At Me”. Her voice was so angelic and totally touched our heart! In my opinion, Rosé is definitely one of the best Kpop female singer out there!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Last but not least, we were greeted by the ever charismatic Jennie with her popular single “SOLO”! Her performance was really charming! During her performance, we can also hear the very prominent fanchant by the fans. She totally owned the stage and amazed the audiences with her powerful performance!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

After the solo performances by the girls, BLACKPINK continued the concert with their other popular songs including “Kiss And Make Up”, “So Hot”, “Playing With Fire”, “Really reggae version and “See U Later”. In between the performances, they have greeted the Malaysian fans! During this session, Rosé has made a Mexican wave with the fans holding their lightsticks and it was a successful wave! Jisoo also greeted the fans with her aegyo Bahasa Malaysia, “Aku Cinta Padamu” and “Kamu Bagus”. Jennie and Lisa also greeted the fans and they hoped the fans have enjoyed the night.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

During the intermissions before the final act of the show, we get to see an exclusive video featuring the girls polishing the new Kia STINGER and then proceeded with cool drifting whereby they created “BP” words on the ground they drifted on.

Right after the video, the girls came back on stage with a jaw dropping dance cover of 16 Shots. During this finale act, they have performed two of their most popular songs (which has over 500M views in Youtube), Boombayah and As If It’s Your Last! They performed these two songs at the centre extended stage! The fans at the BLINK ZONE (Middle) and Red Zone (middle) would be able to get the best glimpse of their performance during this part!

After the finale act, the fans wanted more and shouted for an encore! Of course, the girls didn’t disappoint as they came back on stage with their encore of “DDU DU DDU DU” and “Stay”. During the “DDU DU DDU DU”, we can see that the girls were actually having fun their own as they move around the stage, waves at the fans and also cheering the dancers as they danced on stage! Too bad Krunk didn’t make it to Malaysia concert! But the encore is nonetheless still as lively as ever!

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.
Credits to YG Entertainment.

Credits to YG Entertainment.

It was a heartwarming finishing as the girls sat down and sang “Stay”, providing a perfect ending to the revolutionary concert!

Variations Seen In Both Day 1 and Day 2 Concert!
During the first day of concert, there was a technical issue whereby Jennie was not seen on the platform during the beginning of “Kiss And Make Up”. The issue was not seen during the second day of concert!

During the first day of concert, Lisa won Jennie in a scissor, rock, paper game during the chorus of “As If It’s Your Last”. But Jennie won the game during the second day!

Rosé made only one Mexican Wave during the first day. But due to fans’ demands on second day, she has successfully made two Mexican Waves alongside Jisoo during the second wave!

Send Off Events!
It’s very thoughtful for the organizers to provide a golden opportunity for the fans to get so close to the girls after the show. During this session, the girls made a quick round of “goodbye” to their fans before they leave the venue.

This session allowed the fans to see them upclose and some lucky ones were even able to catch their attention. The girls also made quick poses for the fans during this session!

3. STAY remix ver.
10. SO HOT
12. REALLY reggae ver.
14. 16 SHOTS
18. STAY original ver.- ENCORE

Overall, in my opinion, it was definitely THE BEST KPOP CONCERT EVER HELD IN MALAYSIA! There was no doubt why BLACKPINK was so well loved all over the world!

I really want to thank the organizer MacpiePro for consistently providing the best KPOP Experience to the Malaysian fans! Kudos for the well-organized events! You guys are definitely the best team to handle Kpop events in Malaysia!

(Read my previous article on “things MacpiePro Done Right In K-WAVE Events in Malaysia”: http://www.wljack.com/2018/08/kpop-8-things-macpiepro-done-right-in-k.html )

Kudos and Special Thanks To:
Organizer : MacpiePro
Worldwide Sponsor : Kia
Titanium Sponsor: Mcalls
Sponsors: KyoChon, The Manhattan FISH MARKET, INTI International University & Colleges, Marigold Peel Fresh, Atria Shopping Gallery, Thermaltake, Acer, The Alley, Rotho, Shopee, Tao Kae Noi

Official Media :
ERA, MY, HITZ, GOXUAN, epop, YG, OhMyNews, OhMyChannel, Oh Hangat

The concert has made a lot of fans’ dreams came true! Looking forward for more exciting Kpop events again from MacpiePro!

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[Complete Coverage] BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA] In Kuala Lumpur

[Complete Coverage] BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with KIA [IN YOUR AREA]  In Kuala Lumpur Credits to YG Entertainment. February 2019...

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