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Saturday, 5 January 2019



Kuantan, January 2019 - Looking for a good place to hang out with friends or have lunch in Kuantan? There is this new place called BUMMBU NASI SINGGEY which you should check it out.

Featuring wooden tables and chairs, a kopitiam like menu counter, with artistic paintings and posters on the walls, this restaurant provide an atmosphere with a blend of traditional Malay culture mixed with a little bit of hipster element.

There are quite a number of food choices here including Singgang Ikan, Singgang Daging, Lemak Bakar, Ayam Bakar, Kambing Bakar which are served along with drinks (Air Sirap/ Teh O Beng) in set meals, “BUMMBU SET”. The price range for BUMMBU SET is RM 6.50 – RM 11.00.

If you are craving for western style food, you may try their BUMMBU PLATE including Ayam Plate, Daging Plate and the Kambing Plate. (Price range is RM 13.50 – RM 17.50)

I have tried out Kambing Bakar set and I really love it. The lamb meat is cooked and roasted very well. The succulent meat is a good combo with the rice and soup. Yummy!

Besides, I have also tried out their drinks, “BUMMBU Blend”. You may choose either Kopi BUMMBU Blend, Jagung BUMMBU Blend or Milo BUMMBU Blend. These blended drinks include a scope of float with Nata De Coco. The drinks are very soothing and cooling! Good choice especially during hot days!

Currently, BUMMBU NASI SINGGEY is having a special promotion whereby the Air Sirap and Teh O Beng are sold at a very unbelievable price of only 50 cents! So, if you are looking for a place for tea time session with your friends/colleagues, this place is definitely an option for you!

Apart from that, there are also a few side dishes and snacks available here including Fries, Roti Bakar, Kopok Cheezy, Chicken Ball and Tuna Sandwich.

In my opinion, I really love the Kopok Cheezy. It’s a unique experience to taste keropok coated with cheezy sauce! I never thought both of these can complement each other so well! It’s a tasty snack to munch on!

The Menu:

After the food session, we have the opportunity to talk with the boss and main chef of the outlet, Mr Mohd Hafiz and his wife Dr Rosmawati (she's a consultant paediatrician) as they shared more info about their restaurant.

Many of us have wondered what is the meaning of BUMMBU? BUMMBU is actually derived from the Bahasa Jawa word "Bumbu" which means Rempah (spice). This actually correlates well with the food here which are made of their original recipe that consists of different spices.

Mr Mohd Hafiz is from a family of chef and he first started his venture into food industry in Melbourne. At Melbourne, he has gained a lot of exposure and he has assimilated those experience into his current restaurants.

Overall, I think this restaurant is a good place to dine in and I would surely recommend it to those who loves good Malay food!

Address: A25, Jalan Kurnia Jaya 3, Perkampungan Belukar Maju, 25150, Kuantan, Pahang.
Operating Hours: 6.30am-6pm

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