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Sunday, 10 June 2018

[Coverage] “About Jeryl Lee” Concert Tour Live In KL @ Mega Star Arena “关于李佩玲”个人巡回演唱会-吉隆坡站2018

[Coverage] “About Jeryl Lee” Concert Tour Live In KL @ Mega Star Arena “关于李佩玲个人巡回演唱会-吉隆坡站2018

Kuala Lumpur, June 2018 – “About Jeryl Lee” Concert Tour Live in KL has taken place successfully last Saturday at Mega Star Arena. Our team from www.wljack.com has been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on Jeryl’s own first concert show!

About Jeryl Lee Concert Tour Live in KL
Date : 09 June 2018, Saturday
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : Mega Star Arena, KL

A Great Achievement for the 18 years old Songstress! 10 Years Of Preparation!
Ever since “Sing! China”, Jeryl Lee continues to grow and accomplish even more. First, with the release of her own album. Then, with her recent big win in PWH 30 Awards (check out our coverage: http://www.wljack.com/2018/06/event-coverage-pwh30-awards-show-30.html ). Now, with her latest achievement, which was her very own concert show! Her accomplishment is really amazing at such a young age!

The concert features its own introductory and descriptive videos in between every segments of the performances. Some of the themes include 蜕变, 羽化, 展翅 and etc. Basically it’s a metaphorical expressions of the growth of the 18 years old Penangite girl into who she is now, a renowned and well-loved Mandopop songstress.

During the show, Jeryl Lee mentioned that it’s not an easy journey for her. She highlighted that she has spent 10 years of her time to achieve what she is now. She has taken part in singing competitions since the age of 8 years old. There were both sweetness and bitterness throughout the journey. She thanked all of the people who have helped her and supported her all the way! She also thanked her parents for being so supportive.

Strong Vocal! Mesmerizing Performances!
The concert kicked off strong with her very own song, “黑洞. She has impressed all of the audiences with her angelic and melodious voice. During the concert, she also performed a lot of challenging and difficult-to-sing songs such as 我是一只小小小鸟”, “Never Enough” and etc. She also performed the songs which have made people know her including 心有独”, “Fight Song” and etc.

In addition to that, Jeryl also performed multiple upbeat medleys and she also surprised the audiences by delivering energetic dances performances on stage. Amazing!

Guests Appearances On Stage!
Another highlight of the show would be the guest artistes for the concert. The concert featured not just one guest artiste, but a total of 4 guest artistes including Pink陈珂冰, Meer Nash沙米尔, Kexin林可欣 and Rynn Lim林宇中.

Rynn Lim林宇中 has performed duet with Jeryl Lee无与伦比的美丽. He said that he seldom make guest appearance on others’ concert. But he was touched by Jeryl’s voice and thus he agreed to be the guest artiste for her.

Overall, it was a really impressive show by Jeryl Lee and I am sure everyone who has attended the show have enjoyed it as much as I do!

About Jeryl Lee Concert Live Tour In KL 2018 关于李佩玲个人巡回演唱会-吉隆坡站2018
1. 黑洞
3. 流浪
4. 我的未来不是梦
5. 真的雪
6. 我是一只小小小
7. Never Enough
8. Same Old Love
9. Nothing To Lose
10. 征服 - 可冰
11. 勇敢 - 沙米 & 林可欣
12. 不要 / 我知道你很难过
13. 心有独
14. Power Medley
- 不醉不会
- 丑八怪
- Super Star
- 仰望
- 夜空中最亮的星
- 全部都是你
- Bang Bang Bang
- Uptown Funk
15. 无与比的美- 林宇中 & 李佩玲
16. 远远 - 林宇中
17. 她来听我的演唱会
18. 自己开了一
19. 我留在你身
20. 梨花又开放
21. Fight Song

22. K Medley
- 怀念的
- 后來的我
- 了你贏了世界又如何
- 天空
- 浪費
- 飞轮
- 如潮水

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