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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

[Coverage] My “BE MY STAR 2.0”

[Coverage] My “BE MY STAR 2.0”

Kuala Lumpur, April 2018 - My <BE MY STAR 2.0> has come to an end on 14th of April 2018. The event was held in The Play Haus, Pearl Shopping Gallery.

Over the months, the contestants have been trained by their mentor to challenge different mission. The Top 10 finalist included 6 contestants from West Malaysia, Esmond from 林德荣荣誉呈现疯癫战队德廷 from 颜薇恩Charming战队Venus from 叶朝明 Star Maker 战队KAKA from Emely 女神经战队, 木木 from Wayne Buddy战队 and Victoria from 林德荣荣誉呈现疯癫战队; 4 contestants from East Malaysia BELLE from 凯利搞怪百分百战队马志强 from 永信温胜光马云最强SHOW战队, Chai from 畑龙我对你不队战队 and 杰森 Jason from 娜塔莎天NA是最强战队.

Judges including MY Content Manager William Yap Yai Leong叶伟良,  MOMAwater Creative Director JJ Chan, Astro TV Producer Jay Ooi Poh Sheng黄宝胜, Universal Music Malaysia Head of Events & New Business Lem Yeee Siew 林奕秀, and Astro Radio Integration Operations Manager Chew Yan Ling 周燕玲

First round was Hello 我最强. During this round, the contestants are required to use their own talents to introduce themselves and their mentors within one minute. Most of their introductions were very creative and interesting.

Second Round was Chit Chat 我最强. During this segment, 10 contestants will be divided into 5 groups. 2 contestants will be partnered and interview a guest in 5 minutes according to the situation given. The guests were Yoon and Vivi; their roles were 5 years old Young Star, Actor, Singer, Youtuber and Korean Badminton player.  We can see that most of the contestants have a very good communication skills and they were very adaptive to changes.

Third Round was Talk 我最强. Contestants will talk to themselves according to the theme that they pick randomly. This part of the contest will test on the participants’ impromptu skills very much.

After all these rounds, the participants with the highest marks in all three rounds were crowned as the winner of the competitions. Ultimately, Esmond and KAKA were both the champion of the night.

The prizes won included RM10,000, MOMAwater products + spokesperson, MY DJ contract and GD Golden Destinations sponsored 6 days 4 night Hokkaido, Japan travel package with their mentors.

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Event covered by Co-editor Grace.
Published by WLJack.

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