[Coverage] TVB Star Awards 2017 (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2017)

[Coverage] TVB Star Awards 2017 (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2017)

Genting Highlands, December 2017 – One of the most anticipated awards show of the year, TVB Star Awards 2017 (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮 2017) has been held last month in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. The awards show was star studded with many familiar faces and popular celebrities from HK TVB. Our media team from www.wljack.com has been given the opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Michael Miu, The New Malaysia TV Drama King 视帝!
One of the biggest moments of the night was when Michael Miu苗侨伟was announced as the winner for My Favorite TVB Actor in a Leading Role for his reprising role as Chok Sir. Michael Miu has been in the acting field for 40 years but this was his very first awards. He felt very grateful and he also thanked his wife Jaime Chik戚美珍 for her support. Besides, he also took the opportunity to thank Tommy Leung 梁家树 for bringing him into this career.

Jessica Hsuan, The New Malaysia TV Drama Queen视后!
With her spectacular performance in playing the role as Mall in My Unfair Lady, Jessica Hsuan 宣萱 has successfully won herself “My Favorite TVB Actress in a Leading Role最喜爱TVB女主角”. She thanked everyone for the support as it has been quite some time since she last won an award. Her last award was during 1999 for her role in《刑事侦缉档案IV.

Legal Mavericks《踩过界》 won My Favourite TVB Drama Series!
Legal Mavericks
《踩过界》 which has won big in StarHub TVB Awards 2017 has also been voted as My Favourite TVB Drama Series in TVB Star Awards 2017 in Malaysia. It was indeed a great drama and totally deserved it!

Unholy Alliance On-Screen Couples Won Big! Joel Chan And Elaine Yiu Won Supporting Roles!
Another touching moment is when Joel Chan and Elaine Yiu won the supporting roles award in Malaysia. Both of them did perform very well in The Unholy Alliance!

Apart from Joel Chan and Elaine Yiu, The Unholy Alliance also made Ruco Chan陈展鹏、Nancy Wu胡定欣 the winner of My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple最喜爱TVB荧幕情侣.

Besides the awards presentation, the show also featured performances by HK TVB artistes as well as Malaysian Mandopop sweetheart Minchen.

TVB马来西亚星光荟萃颁奖典礼2017 Awards winners得奖名单:
My Favorite TVB Drama Series最喜爱TVB电视剧集Legal Mavericks《踩过界》
My Favorite TVB Actor in a Leading Role 最喜爱TVB男主角:Michael Miu苗侨伟Line Walker : The Prelude《使徒行者2
My Favorite TVB Actress in a Leading Role最喜爱TVB女主角:Jessica Hsuan 宣萱My Unfair Lady《不懂撒娇的女人》
My Favorite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role最喜爱TVB男配角:Joel Chan陈山聪The Unholy Alliance《同盟》
My Favorite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role最喜爱TVB女配角:Elaine Yiu  姚子羚The Unholy Alliance《同盟》
最喜爱TVB飞跃进步男艺员:Matthew Ho何广沛
最喜爱TVB飞跃进步女艺员:Zoie Tam Hoi Ki 谭凯琪
My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple最喜爱TVB荧幕情侣:The Unholy Alliance《同盟》Ruco Chan陈展鹏、Nancy Wu胡定欣
My Favorite TVB Drama Theme Song 最喜爱TVB歌曲:My Unfair Lady《不懂撒娇的女人》《手中沙》HANA菊梓乔

My Favorite TVB Drama Characters最喜爱TVB电视角色:
Edwin Siu萧正楠 as 袁崇焕/云大军 《超时空男臣》
Raymond Cho曹永廉as 冯一波 《超时空男臣》
Kristal Tin田蕊妮 as 方惠芝《超时空男臣》
Rebecca Zhu朱晨丽 as 方惠玲《超时空男臣》
Michael Miu苗侨伟 as 卓凯《使徒行者2
Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 as 徐天堂《使徒行者2
Priscilla Wong黄翠如 as 郑淑梅《使徒行者2
Ruco Chan陈展鹏 as 高子杰《同盟》
Nancy Wu胡定欣 as 阮清欣《同盟》
Jessica Hsuan宣萱 as 凌敏《不懂撒娇的女人》
Natalie Tong唐诗咏as 凌禹勤《不懂撒娇的女人》
Lokyi Lai Lok Yi 黎诺懿 as 何志超《不懂撒娇的女人》
Samantha Ko Hoi Ning高海宁 as 田蜜《不懂撒娇的女人》
Sisley Choi蔡思贝 as 赵正妹《踩过界》
Vincent Wong王浩信 as 文申侠《踩过界》
Ali Lee李佳芯 as 王励凡《踩过界》
Ben Wong黄智贤 as 严夏 《亲亲我好妈》

My Favorite TVB Variety Program 最喜愛TVB綜藝節目: The Sisterhood Traveling Gang胡说八道真情假期
My Favorite TVB Enrichment Program最喜愛TVB資訊節目: 姐妹淘 (马来西亚篇第三季)
My Favorite TVB Host in a Variety Program 最喜愛TVB節目主持: Maria Cordero 《肥妈新年新煮意》

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Covered by co-editor, Sing Ean.

Edited and Published by WLJack.

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