[Food Outing] Starbucks Reserve @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

[Food Outing] Starbucks Reserve @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands, July 2017- Just recently, my wife Josephine and I have taken our time to explore what’s being offered at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands in terms of food & beverage. We have done a 36 hours Food Trail session there and visited total of 28 outlets which offer great meals and snacks!

Our first stop was at Starbucks Reserve @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands. Nope, this is not the same Starbucks located at First World Hotel. This is a Starbucks outlet which offers something beyond our usual menu in the conventional Starbucks.

The Exotic, Rare & Exquisite!

Emphasizing on the premium coffee-tasting experience, Starbucks Reserve provides new flavors in addition to the general menu available in usual Starbucks. These new flavors are usually the awards-winning taste of the season.

According to Mr.Salleh Haron, Starbucks senior manager as well as coffee master, these flavors will only be available on shelf for an exclusively limited time. Starbucks Reserve will consistently update the available flavors with the ones most popular at the time of visiting. Now, drinking coffee would be something as trendy as chasing fashion.

Coffee Brewed In Your Preferred Methods!
If you are an avid coffee lover, you would know that different brewing methods will yield a different aroma, acidity, body, flavor and aftertaste of a coffee. Brewing of coffee usually involves water and a coffee grounds and different methods will help you extract a distinct taste.

Here in Starbucks Reserve, the brewing methods available included Pour-Over, Siphon, Chemex and Clover.

Pour-Over is a method of pouring water over and through the coffee grounds to extract the coffee flavors into cup. It provides a delicious, clean cup of coffee that allows the subtle notes to shine.

Siphon which consists of two glass chambers arranged vertically, with heat source underneath will provide a clean, crisp and smooth coffee. It is a method which involves a lot of science.

Chemex is a hybrid brewing method of pour over and full immersion that highlights the brighter notes in coffee and yields a clean, sweet cup.

Clover brewing system uses an innovative Vacuum-Press technology. It adds water at a precise temperature to brew the coffee for an ideal length of time. As a result, a hot, aromatic and flavourful coffee would be brewed.

Live Demo Session! Tasting The Coffee!

It’s also our pleasure to have a live demo session by Coffee Master Ayesha as she explained to us more regarding coffee and also taught us on how to sip a coffee. She prepared for us our NICARAGUA La Roca via Chemex. The coffee has a very unique sweetness and complexity with a bit of fruitiness. We really enjoyed it!

Each cup of Starbucks Reserve coffee ranged from RM 19 – RM 21, and you can choose the size like Tall, Grande or Venti.

Starbucks Reserve @ Sky Avenue Genting is located here:
Lot T2B-31,
Sky Avenue
Genting Highlands

With Starbucks Reserve @ Sky Avenue Genting, you can now have an extra option for chilling out with your friends at Genting while enjoying a cup of premium coffee.

More food coverage will be up regarding our 36 hours food adventure at Sky Avenue Genting Highlands. Stay tuned!

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