[Coverage] Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017《Astro国际华裔小姐2017》

[Coverage] Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017

Kuala Lumpur, July 2017 – Just last week, the most anticipated pageant of the year Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017 took place at Dewan Wawasan, Level 4, Menara PGRM, KL. Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to witness the crowning of the beauty queen of the year.

Moon Crowned as the champion of MACIP 2017!
During the event, Moon 陈玉娥 from Johore has stood out as the champion of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017. During her winning speech, she mentioned that her birthday was just around the corner and being the champion was her best Birthday gift ever. She was surprised that she would become the winner that night.

On the other hand, 1st runner up goes to Tiffany郑亦庭and 2nd runner up goes to Poly彭静盈 who are both from Kuala Lumpur. Although they couldn’t be the champion that night, they expressed their gratitude to be able to learn a lot throughout the competition.

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017
Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017 finalists include No.1 Tiffany郑亦庭(21 years old, Kuala Lumpur, No. 2 Poly彭静盈(22 years old, Kuala Lumpur, No.3 Mika宋紫薇(21 years old, Kedah, No. 4 Chelsey陈咏诗(21 years old, Malacca, No.5 Janice刘洁莹(23 years oldKuala Lumpur, No.6 Lovell陈馷佳(23 years oldPahang, No.7 Jesselyn刘洁琳(21 years oldPenangand No.8 Moon陈玉娥(21 years oldJohor. All of the finalists were put on challenges on stage including Talent Segment, Swimwear Segment, Q&A Segment and Cheongsam Segment and were judged based on their performances in these segments.

Talents Segment! Amazing Performance!
During the talent segment, all of the beauties have impressed the judges and the audiences with their awesome performances! One of the most prominent ones include Tiffany’s Rumba Dance in her sexy dance attire. Tiffany has grabbed away the awards of “完美体态女神” (Best Body Figure Beauty) and “才艺女神” (Best Talent Beauty).

Other finalists also astonished everyone with their great talents including cheerleading, modern dance, Zither performance, Latte art, Chinese traditional dance, sand art and etc.

Q&A Segment! The Most Difficult Challenge!
The show most difficult challenge was definitely the Q&A Segment. During this segment, Moon received the question from Chapman To on “Criteria in Choosing A Husband”. With her straight-forward attitude, she answered that the criteria included “Determined, Loving, Secure, Financially Stable, Loyal, Not Flirty and Handsome!”. The honest and firm answer awed the audiences.

Netizens Voted Goddess!
The competition also gave chance for the audiences to vote for their favourite via online. 2nd Runner-up, Poly was voted as “Favourite Beauty” “人气女神by the fans. Apart from that, she also won the award of “Most Photogenic Beauty” 最上镜女神.

Post Event Interviews:
Moon mentioned that her own expected champion would be Lovell. Moon never anticipated herself for being able to win the competition. She said that she will try to improve herself over the next six months in order to prepare herself for the upcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant 2018 2018国际中华小姐竞选》.

On the other hand, 1st runner up Tiffany and 2nd runner up Poly mentioned that they felt satisfy with the current result. They were happy to be able to learn a lot throughout the process of the competition.

Guest Judges Of The Night!
This is the first time for Chapman To 杜汶泽 to become a judge for a beauty pageant. He felt very excited to be able to take part in the show as the judge. He even admitted he came here for the Swimwear Segment. During the interview, he and Pakho Chau周柏豪 agreed that Lovell and Jesselyn have both performed very well too.

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017Finale was hosted by Jeff 陈浩然 and Jentzen林震前 and featured judges such as Chapman To杜汶泽, Pakho Chau周柏豪, Jack Lim林德荣, Angel Wong王翠玲、Adonis founder, Ann Lee.

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017 is sponsored by  Adonis 爱美雅 and BB&BC group , co-sponsored by Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur and Shokubutsu, working partners include Samsung SheenAstro Circle and iFeelofficial FM is MY FM.

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2017Astro国际华裔小姐2017winner lists:

ChampionNo.8 Moon陈玉娥
1st Runner UpNo.1 Tiffany郑亦庭
2nd Runner UpNo.2 Poly彭静盈
3rd Runner UpNo.3 Mika宋紫薇
Best Body Figure No.1 Tiffany郑亦庭
Best TalentNo.1 Tiffany郑亦庭
Most PhotogenicNo.2 Poly彭静盈
Favourite Beauty: No.2 Poly彭静盈
Most Vibrant: No.7 Jesselyn刘洁琳

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