[Coverage] SING! CHINA SEASON 2 Malaysia Top 3 Media Group Interviews (Featuring Special Guest Zhao Xiao Xi) 八度空间第二季《中国新歌声》赵小熙及马来西亚海选3 强联访

[Coverage] SING! CHINA SEASON 2 Malaysia Top 3 Media Group Interviews (Featuring Special Guest Zhao Xiao Xi) 八度空间第二季《中国新歌声》赵小熙及马来西亚海选强联访

Kuala Lumpur, April 2017 - The ultimate reality singing competition ‘Sing! China’ is back again for its second season and once again working hand in hand with 8TV to recruit the most outstanding contestants in Malaysia.

The previous on-ground and online recruitment attracted a whopping 1,000 local hopefuls, yet only three groups of them were chosen for the second quarter. The ones chosen will participate at the “SING! CHINA Season 2 Malaysia x Singapore Music Showcase” and meet head to head with the three remarkable chosen hopefuls from Singapore on 25th March 2017 (Saturday) night.

Just before the showcase, 8TV Host, Chrystina Ng hosting a media group interview.  Together with the three selected hopefuls from Malaysia which include Michelle Loh Chien Ling (26 years old, KL), Tan Yin Ern (16 years old, Penang Island) and Zoe Chin Joo Hi (24 years old, Johor Bahru) is last season’s top 12 contestant; Zhao Xiao Xi. During the previous season, Zhao Xiao Xi got into the second quarter by singing the hit song Kiss by Prince and, noticed that he had what it takes, Harlem Yu took him under his wing.

Host : Is this your first time coming to Malaysia?
Zhao : Yes, first time.

Host : Is this your first time participating in singing competition?
Michelle : Yes.
Zoe : Yes.

Host : What is your reaction when you knew you got chosen?
Michelle : I never expected it as I decided to participate only one day before the due date when my friends encouraged me to do it.
Zoe : I never expect I will be chosen. I thought I heard wrongly when I got the call saying I was chosen. I decided to participate because my family encouraged me to do so.
Tan : I was shocked but excited!

Host : What is your current job?
Michelle : I work in marketing field.
Zoe : I owns a fashion clothes shop. I have also singing with live band at wedding dinner and as a part-time singer in a café.

Host : Which song you have sang during the audition so far?
Tan : <Guo Bu Qu> <Wo De Mong> <Wang Ji Yong Bao>

Host : How do you feel now before the showcase?
Tan : I feel stressed up.

Host : What is your advice for them to avoid stage fright before the singing competition starts?
Zhao : Seeing them, I feel like they are like me last time during ‘Sing! China’ season one. Actually, I am the king of stage fright, haha..For me, I think pray to God (as I’m a Christian), shall not be scared, can also do some stretching just before competition and just do your best!

Host : How do you taking care of your throat before competition?
Zhao : Do not drink hot water, always drink warm water. Do some open throat exercise for 10-15mins and not too excited while waiting for your turn.
*Zhao then showed how to do open throat exercise on the spot.*

Host : Who did you like to have as your tutor last time?
Zhao : Harlem Yu.

Host : Who do you like most as your tutor in ‘Sing! China’?
Michelle : Natasha Na
Zoe : Natasha Na
Tan : Jay Chou

Host : What to prepare before facing the tutor?
Zhao : Actually Harlem Yu is very nice and friendly, just like how you see him in TV. He takes care of his tutees. I actually feel I’m very lucky to be under his wing.

Host : What to prepare before going to the stage?
Zhao : Not to be scared, be confident. Confident is very important. Just try your best, do not let yourself regret!

Host : How do you make yourself looks outstanding among the other contestants?
Zhao : I never thought of it, I was just keep asking myself “Can I do it? Can I do it?” I was thinking maybe Harlem Yu will like my falsetto, if not, other tutors might like it. If Harlem Yu does like it, then my dream will be fulfilled.

Host : How will you prepare for the singing competition in China?
Michelle : I will prepare different styles of song to be sang in the competition.
Zoe : I will make sure I have a healthy body to fight in the competition.
Tan : I will have more practice before the competition. I will also control my diet, make sure I don’t take food that will affect my performance.

Host : Do you see Lee Pei Ling as your role model?
Tan : Yes, she is actually my one year senior at my secondary school. I would like to be like her.

Host : Have you meet up with your idol Leehom?
Zhao : No, no chance yet. I would love to.

Host : Since your new album is coming out soon, did you tried to ask your company to get Leehom to be involved in your album?
Zhao : I never think of demanding anything. For now, I think I should just focus in preparing this new album. I was busy in preparing the album after the singing competition so that my dream of becoming a singer will be fulfilled.

Host : How do you feel when you knew you got Leehom attention through Weibo?
Zhao : I was very happy!

They then proceeded with the LIVE Showcase Session and they mesmerized the audiences with their great voices!

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Coverage by Co-editors Sing Ean and Michelle.
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