[Food Review] Dairy Tooth Ice House @ Berjaya Times Square

[Food Review] Dairy Tooth Ice House @ Berjaya Times Square

Kuala Lumpur, March 2017 – Are you a fans of Hong Kong snacks and beverages? If yes, here’s a good news for you as the Hong Kong style ice house, Dairy Tooth Ice House has landed in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square and you will get a chance to savor the HK light bites and silky milk tea right here in our shore.

Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to try out the food and drinks at Dairy Tooth Ice House a few days ago.

Dairy Tooth Ice House originates from Hong Kong and it is setting its first outlet in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. It is also the company’s first leap into the Southeast Asia market. The brand ventured into China’s market in 2015. With slightly more than a year, it has set up more than 1,000 chain stores in China. The outlets are located in 143 cities of 30 provinces in China.

Hong Kong’s food and beverages reminds us about Hong Kong-style café and restaurant. In fact, Hong Kong-style café and restaurant is a product of local delicacies blending with western restaurants. These restaurants, which sell light bites and beverages, became more common in the early 1950s.

The Menu:

The Beverage:

Silky milk tea is a beverage originated from Hong Kong. Top grade red tea is brewed in a hand-held silver pot. The tea is then filtered through a white cotton sieves repeatedly to blend with evaporated milk. Customer is then served with a cup of silky-smooth, full-bodied milk tea. Dairy Tooth Ice House continues to progress with time by embarking on upgrades and innovations for the classic concoction to taste smoother and easier to carry for take away.

Personally, we really love the taste of DT Signature HK Milk Tea丝袜奶茶, as its sweetness is well-balanced and it is smooth. It is a great pleasant experience for the taste bud!

We also tried out Jelly In Mango Puree 旺角芒果凉粉 which is highly recommended for those who love mango drinks. Other selection of beverage here included Korea Citron Tea韩国柚子茶, Daisy Peer Tea雏菊雪梨茶, HK Style Iced Lemon Tea港式柠茶 and Coconut Coffee椰香咖啡. The price of the beverages range from RM 6.90 to RM 10.90.

DT Signature HK Milk Tea丝袜奶茶 – RM 7.90
Jelly In Mango Puree 旺角芒果凉粉 – RM 10.90
Korea Citron Tea韩国柚子茶 – RM 6.90
Daisy Peer Tea雏菊雪梨茶 – RM 10.90
HK Style Iced Lemon Tea港式柠茶 – RM 6.90
Coconut Coffee椰香咖啡 – RM 10.90

The Snacks and Bites:

Apart from that, we also get to taste the DT Original HK Egg Puffs, Cheese Egg Puffs and the Sesame Egg Puffs at the outlet. Egg puffs is a signature snack of Hong Kong. It is popular until today. The egg puffs in Dairy Tooth Ice House, crispy yet fluffy, is another must try snack of the outlet.

Recommended Snacks and Price:
DT Original HK Egg Puffs 原味鸡蛋仔 – RM 6.90
Cheese Egg Puffs芝士味鸡蛋仔 – RM 8.90
Chocolate French Toast巧克力酱西多士 – RM 8.90

Grand Opening With Retro HK Style Dance!

The review session which we have attended was during the grand opening of the outlet. There was a flash mob at the outlet featuring Retro HK-style dance with the background songs from the 1970s- 1990s HK Movies and dramas.

“I still remember when the first time I visited Hong Kong back in 2002, it was the first time I have ever traveled to overseas. So in my mind, Hong Kong is what I see in the TVB drama all this while. It was a free and easy trip to visit the upmarket places in Central. So on the 2nd day, my wife and I decided that we should try out the local eateries. We ordered a set meal and it came with a cup of milk tea. The aroma and the taste of the tea was better than anything that I have ever tasted before. That was my first experience of the milk tea in Hong Kong and the reminiscence remained with me back home. Sad enough to say, I am still unable to have another cup of such milk tea in Malaysia until today, “said Andrew Lau, director of Dairy Tooth Ice House during the launching of the first Dairy Tooth Ice House in Malaysia.

“Ice house represents the culture of Hong Kong. Dairy Tooth Ice House carries the symbolic of old Hong Kong. We hope patrons do not only savour beverages and light bitess but also experience the silky milk tea enjoyed by the Hong Kongese back in the old days with fluffy egg puffs,” added Andrew Lau.

“Unlike milk tea from other places, the silky milk tea stresses on its creamy smoothness, fragrance and thickness in terms of flavor. Silky milk tea is a signature drink of Dairy Tooth Ice House. It has been tested by both consumers in Hong Kong and China. It is the milk tea closest to the taste of Hong Kong folks. We have kept the tradition and offer this original silky milk tea to the Malaysian consumers.” added Andrew Lau.

Andrew Lau said: “We are extremely glad to recommend this typical Hong Kong outlet to Malaysians. At Dairy Tooth Ice House, we emphasize on natural and healthy food and beverages. Our milk products are all sourced from top grade evaporated milk. Fruit juices are made from fresh fruits. More importantly, prices for our beverages and light bites are affordable.”

Once establishing its base in Malaysia, Dairy Tooth Ice House would also be eyeing on other markets in Southeast Asia. The first outlet is located in level 3 of Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. For the next three months, three more outlets will be opening in other shopping malls in Klang Valley.

It’s a good place for those sweet-tooth who indulge in Hong Kong Cultures and food. Do check it out!

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