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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

[Coverage] “Laugh Die You The Mob” @ Genting International Showroom

[Coverage] “Laugh Die You The Mob” @ Genting International Showroom

Kuala Lumpur, January 2017 – Resorts World Genting in collaboration with Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd brought us “Laugh Die You The Mob” comedy show at the Genting International Showroom a few days ago. Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to watch the show and laugh out loud!

(Check out our previous coverage on the press conference here: http://www.wljack.com/2017/01/press-conference-laugh-die-you-mob.html )

“Laugh Die You The Mob”
Venue: Genting International Showroom
Date: 11th February 2017
Time: 7.30pm

 “Laugh Die You The Mob” Is A Comedy Show Plus Concert!
The title itself might suggest that it is a pure comedy show. The show turned out to be a concert too! The event kicked off with Michael Leaner’s vibrant performance. His performance hyped up the atmosphere prior to the start of the comedy. Besides Michael Leaner, the show also sees Natalia Ng who also spiced up the show with her mesmerizing singing and her first attempt in performing Chinese Song LIVE.

Mark Lee, Rib-Tickling And Interactive Performance!
Right after the performances of the musicians, the show welcomed the appearance of Mark Lee, a personality who is well known to be funny both on-screen and off-screen. His performance was mainly more on interaction with the audiences as it involved a few games with the selected audiences on-stage. It was quite fun to see the way he introduced laughter to the audiences with the impromptu conversation between him and the rest of the sporting audiences who were selected to go on stage. The muscle man game, learn English with Mr Mark Lee and etc are really memorable.

The true essence of his comedy was his combination of his broken Singlish with in-line blending of some Hokkien and Mandarin.

In addition, Mark Lee also proved that he could be a “Sin-Ger” too as he performed a singing of Teresa Teng’s famous song as well as a Chinese New Year song from his latest movie Fortune Handbook.

God Of Prosperity (Choi San) also made an appearance giving away Mandarin Orange during his CNY song performance.

Kuah Jenhan Malaysian Jokes Hit The Laughing Spot!
On the other hand, another main attention of the night, Kuah Jenhan is without a doubt one of the best comedians in Malaysia. His jokes revolved primarily around Malaysian related jokes. The way he presented the jokes was smooth and slick. Kudos, Kuah Jenhan, you are really a Johan in terms of standup comedy.

Jonathan Atherton Multi-Lingual Ang Mor!
Although being an Australian guy, Jonathan Atherton is really talented in mastering multiple language. The way he brewed up his jokes of rapid-firing phrases in a variety of languages and dialects is brilliant.  

Overall, it was an enjoyable show and I hope that there will be more Laugh Die You shows again in the future. #siuseilei

Well done to all of the performers of the show! #siuseilei

Last but not least, million thanks to Resort World Genting for giving our website a chance to do a coverage on the event. 

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