[Coverage] Neway K Awards 2016 (Neway K 歌榜颁奖典礼 2016)

[Coverage] Neway K Awards 2016 (Neway K 歌榜颁奖典礼 2016)

Kuala Lumpur, December 2016 – Neway K Awards 2016 (Neway K 歌榜颁奖典礼 2016) was held last week at Manhattan Ballroom, Level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The awards was organized by Neway & CEO Karaoke Box, presented by Tiger Beer, main sponsor Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysiaofficial smartphone VC Malaysia,  Official Radio Station One FM, Official TV Station ntv7 & 八度空间, Official Streaming Partner JOOX, Official Fashion Influencer Hideaki Fashion Studio, Official Media Partner 天映頻道, Official Venue Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Official Hair Do DIVO Hair Connection Official Makeup Diva Production , Sponsors Hokto Malaysia, Packist.com, Gintell, HRZ Beverages Sdn Bhd, Official Decoration Partner Light Sensation, Official Model Agency Runway Productions & Special Thanks Dasein Academy of Art, Neway K Awards 2016 was a successful awards show which have recognized the talented local artistes’ efforts over the year of 2016!

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Date: 24th November 2016
Time: 8pm
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, Level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Hanz 郭文翰, The Biggest Winner Of Neway K Awards 2016!

There’s no doubt that Hanz 郭文翰 was the biggest winner of the awards show. During the night, he has won over 5 of the awards including  My Favourite Male Singer Awards(我最喜爱男歌手奖) Bronze AwardsNEWAY Top 5 Exclusive Hit Songs Awards (NEWAY 5大熱門獨家K歌獎), One FM 勁爆30排行榜最Hit歌曲 , NEWAY Recommended Multi-talented Singer Awards (NEWAY 推崇全方位創作歌手獎)  and last but not least the ultimate awards of the night, Neway Most Favourite K Songs Awards (“Neway年度最受欢迎K歌奖”)!

He was very happy that he could win this year. He still recalled how he was just only a music mixer for Fuying & Sam last year. This year, he finally managed to win the awards as a singer. Well, he deserved it!

Apart from Hanz, Fuying & Sam themselves also won big during the awards show as they have grabbed away 4 awards with the most significant two awards including JOOX Popularity Awards (JOOX 人气奖) and My Favourite Group Singer Awards (我最喜爱演唱組合獎) Gold Awards. These have strongly confirmed their huge popularity in Malaysia!

Dr Soo Wincci’s First Awards After Granted The Title of “Dr”!

It was a great year for Soo Wincci 苏盈之 as she has earned herself PhD this year which granted her the title of “Dr”. The Neway K Awards My Favourite Female Singer Award (“我最喜爱女歌手奖”) Gold Award marked the first awards she won after she has gained the title of “Dr” this year.

Other Winners Of The Nights Thanked The Fans!
Nicole Lai 赖淞凤 mentioned on stage that she thanked the fans for being supportive all the time. She promised that she will continue to work harder thanks to all the love from the fans!

Juztin Lan 刘界辉 said that there were people who told him that he has missed the greatest timing to become a singer. However, he never gave up and finally he managed to prove to everyone with his result that life opportunity is to be created by everyone’s own hands. He likes Cantonese Song and he will continue to sing.

NEWAY K Awards 2016 was graced by many other artistes and celebrities including黄若熙,李馨巧, 陈彦辉, 何芸妮, 马嘉轩, 张诒博, 陈慧恬, 徐凯, 俊倩, 异种, Mad August, 速食时代, 饶燕婷, M-Girls, 张文盈, 林文荪, 陈美君, 黄明慧, 苏进川, 梁佑诚, 李俐澌, 唐纬颜, 黄玉丽, 林志遵, 张心怡 and etc.

NEWAY K Awards 2016NEWAY K 歌榜颁奖典礼2016 Winner List
1. NEWAY Top 5 Exclusive Hits K Awards (NEWAY 5大熱門獨家K歌獎)
最难的选择 - 马嘉轩
好想你 - 四叶草Joyce Chu
我沒有很想你 - Hanz 郭文翰
Don't Ask Me Why - Alvin 钟瑾桦
- Fuying &Sam

2. NEWAY Top 10 Hottest Musiv Video Awards (NEWAY 10大熱門MV)
我想知道他是谁 - Nicole 赖淞凤
第二次机会 - Henley 許亮宇
爱一个人不一定要在一起 - Fuying &Sam
有多久 - Danny 许佳麟
给爱 - Uriah 徐凯
有你在家 - Orange 陳慧恬
You Were There - Zen俊倩 Ft. Thomas小东
和平分手 - Peace 张诒博
In Love - 罗忆诗
某某 - Juztin刘界辉

3. My Favourite Group Singers Awards (我最喜爱演唱組合獎)
Fuying &Sam ()
Mad August ()
异种Alienoid ()

4. My Favourite Male Singer Awards (我最喜爱男歌手獎)
刘界辉 ()
许佳麟 ()
郭文翰 ()

5. My Favourite Female Singer Awards (我最喜爱女歌手獎)
Wincci 蘇盈之 ()
罗忆诗 ()
Nicole 赖淞凤 ()

6. One FM 勁爆30排行榜最Hit歌曲
我没有很想你 - 郭文翰

7. Most Favourite ntv7 TV Drama Theme Songs (最受歡迎ntv7電視劇主題曲)
超自然现象 - 苏盈之

8. NEWAY Recommended Multi-talented Singer Awards (NEWAY 推崇全方位創作歌手獎 )

9. NEWAY Recommended Potential Singer Awards (NEWAY 推崇最具潛質歌手獎 )
Ribbon 黃若熙

10. JOOX Popularity Awards (JOOX 人气奖)
Fuying &Sam

11. Neway Most Favourite K Songs Awards (“Neway年度最受欢迎K歌奖”)
我没有很想你 - 郭文翰

The NEWAY K Awards 2016 was a successful awards show which acknowledged the talents in Malaysia. Really looking forward for it to be held again next year!

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Me and my co-editor Philip during Neway K Awards 2016 

Covered by WLJack and co-editor Philip.

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