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Saturday, 10 December 2016

[Coverage] Bii畢書盡 “I AM Bii TO THE DOUBLE i” Fan Meeting Session At Mega Star Arena

[Coverage] Bii畢書盡 “I AM Bii TO THE DOUBLE i” Fan Meeting Session At Mega Star Arena

Kuala Lumpur, December 2016 -  Bii has come over to Malaysia recently on November 2016 for his Fan Meeting Session of “I AM Bii TO THE DOUBLE i” at Mega Star Arena.  (My previous write up on the event: http://www.wljack.com/2016/11/upcoming-event-bii-i-am-bii-to-double-i.html )

Venue: Mega Star Arena
Date: 27th November 2016
Time: 8pm

Our website from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

A Great Fans Servicing Event by Bii!
The Fan Meeting Session was basically a music showcase with a lot of Fanservicing from Bii. Kicking off the show with Come Back to me, 38, A sky full of stars and Find the Way, Bii has mesmerized the fans with his melodious voice prior to the fans interaction sessions which was packed with a lot of excitements!

Multiple Games Scenarios With Exclusive Rewards!
There were multiple games played on stage and Bii was very sporting. Some of the games included Guess The “Peribahasa” whereby Bii was forced to say out a few Malay Peribahasa while the fans guess it (Surprisingly, some Malay words were pronounced perfectly by Bii), Perform the Scenes with fans and etc.

All of these games allowed the lucky fans to interact with Bii close-up. Of course, the winners get to experience some exclusive rewards from Bii. (Including his massage therapy, Bii kneeling down for the winner) Well, it must have been a dream comes true for the fans.

Fans Tribute To Bii!
The fans meeting session was not just a one sided event from Bii as the fans have also made a tribute video for him featuring his photos and fans photos throughout the course of years since his debut. A very meaningful fans to idol video indeed!

Great Performance By Bii!
In order to repay the fans, Bii has performed quite a number of songs for his fanmeeting including I Wanna Say, 逆时光的浪, 都是你害的,追, Sweet Little Baby and etc! There was a short impromptu “Pick A Song” segment whereby he sang the chorus of the songs of choice shouted by the fans. As for the encore, he performed 你给我的爱and Love More!

Bii also came down from the stage to interact with as much fans as possible! During the end of the show, Bii hinted that he would like to have a concert again in Malaysia soon! So, let’s hope that he will come back to Malaysia again soon and be sure not to miss the great show by Bii!

For more information about the “I AM Bii TO THE DOUBLE i” Fan Meeting in Malaysia, please visit:
Universal Music Malaysia Regional
Hotline: 03 – 7958 7433

Plan 7 Production
Facebook: Plan 7 Production
Hotline: +60 12 974 1011

Met one of my friend Eric, from Newskaki during the event! He was very active that weekend!

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