[Coverage] Kinohimitsu – Astro Wah Lai Toi Cooking Programme '煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow' at Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery Puchong (Featuring Gigi Wong 黄淑仪 ) - WLJack.com 华龙分享网站 (Official Variety Website)


Friday, 11 November 2016

[Coverage] Kinohimitsu – Astro Wah Lai Toi Cooking Programme '煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow' at Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery Puchong (Featuring Gigi Wong 黄淑仪 )

[Coverage] Kinohimitsu – Astro Wah Lai Toi Cooking Programme '煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow' at Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery Puchong (Featuring Gigi Wong 黄淑仪 )

Kuala Lumpur, November 2016 – In this day and age, everyone is busy with their work and life without realizing the importance of eating healthy meals every day. In view of that, Kinohimitsu and Astro Wah Lai Toi are bringing us a cooking programme titled 煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow” which is going to share with the audiences the ways of cooking and eating healthy food which is filled with a variety of colors and nutrition like a rainbow! The show will be hosted by Hong Kong Artiste, Gigi Wong, 黃淑儀!

Our website wljack.com has been given a chance to attend the introductory event at Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery Puchong.

Date: 11th November 2016
Venue: Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery Puchong

Gigi Wong黃淑儀 Hosting The Cooking Programme!
Hong Kong Artiste Gigi Wong黃淑儀 has been well known for being savvy over healthy cooking. She was very well-loved  for her cooking programmes in Hong Kong 吾汤吾水 and 吾淑吾食 . This time, she will be coming over to Malaysia to host Astro WLT Cooking Programme titled 煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow” whereby she will share with the audiences regarding the goodness of healthy meal with a variety of colour via the utilization of different vegetables, herbs, fruits and food ingredients of different colours.

Gigi felt that by having a colourful meal, the people who are taking the meals will feel happier apart from having a combination of food ingredients which are healthier for them.

In the cooking programme 煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow”, Gigi Wong will be consulting professional nutritionist and dietitians for more health tips. She will be sharing the knowledge on the benefits of different fruits and vegetables of different colours for our health. By eating healthily, we can prevent ourselves from getting sick easily.

Cooperation with Astro God Of Cooking from 欢喜厨神!
Worth-mentioning is, Gigi Wong will also be having a cooperation with Astro欢喜厨神 2015 champion, Ivan 陈政赐 and finalist 林忠良whereby they will exchange opinions and cooking knowledge with each other.

LIVE Demo Of Cooking by Gigi Wong黃淑儀!
During the event, Gigi Wong黃淑儀 has also LIVE Demo her cooking skills for all of the media members. She has made a special salad dip for all of the media members. I got the chance to try out the specially made salad sauce, it was really tasty!

煮出彩虹Eat a Rainbow” will have six episodes in total, with each episode having a duration of 30 minutes. The programme is brought to you by “Kinohimitsu Superfood 超级食物营养饮 and “Mitsubishi Electric 电冰箱. It will be aired via Astro Wah Lai Toi and 翡翠台, every Sunday 8.30pm from 25th December 2016 onwards.

Do stay tuned for the healthy cooking show!

Thanks Gigi 姐 for the colourful and tasty salad dip!

Took a selfie with Vivienne after the event! 

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