[Coverage] Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016

[Coverage] Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016

Kuala Lumpur, October 2016 – Organized by Astro本地圈, this is the third time for “Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016” to be held in Malaysia. The amazing dancing competition was held on 8th October 2016 at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang. Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

14 Dance Crews From 11 Different Countries!
Asian Battleground 2016亚洲舞极限 2016 this time has invited 14 teams of dance crews from 11 different Asian conutries. Each and every single dance crew teams have their own unique dance style and skill sets. They have competed with each other through showcases and the top 4 finalists competed again in battle rounds.

The teams that have participated include Lady Bounce (South Korean), 3D Color (South Korean), Tha Project (Philippines), Crafts of Kammotionn (India), Amami Crew (Japan), Smooth Boogie Crew (Hong Kong), The Zoo (Thailand), YK (Singapore), Urban Clown Crew (Vietnam), Last Minute Street Crew (Indonesia), Rejuvenate Dance Crew (Malaysia), Red Lycans (Malaysia) and Formosa Crew (Taiwan).

Taiwan Formosa Crew Crowned Asian Battleground 2016 as The Champion!
Malaysia Rejuvenate Dance Crew Won The Best Showcase!
After a series of showcases and battles, Taiwan Formosa Crew has topped the competition as the champion of Asian Battleground 2016. On the other hand, Rejuvenate Dance Crew from Malaysia has won the best showcase with the scoring of 86.2!

Showcase Scoreboards:
1. Rejuvenate Dance Crew (Malaysia) – 86.8
2. Red Lycans (Malaysia) – 82.1
3. Formosa Crew (Taiwan) – 80.9
    Urban Clown Crew (Vietnam) – 80.9

Both of the dance crews from Malaysia Rejuvenate Dance Crew and Red Lycans managed to get into the top 4 finalists alongside with Formosa Crew from Taiwan and Urban Clown Crew from Vietnam.

All of the top 4 finalists battled with each other through a drawlot method. Both Malaysia teams faced each other during the first round of battle. Red Lycans managed to get into the grand finale battle against Formosa Crew. In the end, Formosa Crew soared as the champion of the night!

Post Event Interview:
After the competition, our team have joined the media interview sessions with the winners!

Interview With Formosa Crew:

“We are very happy that we can crown the champion tonight. Although we aimed to get champion since the beginning, we never expected that it could really come true. For us, win or lose is not the most important thing. We just hope to try our best!” mentioned by Formosa Crew team leader Gino黄柏青.

“The competitors this time have good standards, we felt big pressures from them too. Our opponent (Red Lycans) is also one of the teams which we have been paying attentio. We respected our opponents too for their spirit.”

“My son came and supported us too. He also loves to dance.” added by Gino.

Interview With Rejuvenate Dance Crews:

“We have been practising since the formation of our team. As a dancer, we cannot just practise for the competition itself.”

“Our team have been formed since 5 years ago but the current 9 members have only been working together for the past 1 year.”

“I think we lost in the competition this time in the aspect of experience. Although we won the best showcase, battle is a totally different story. We need to improve ourselves in terms of dance battle.” Said Danny Lee from Rejuvenate Dance Crews.

Interview With Red Lycans:

“Although we didn’t win the Asian Battleground 2016, we are very satisfied with the result because we have already tried our best.” Said KidInn from Red Lycans (Astro舞极限 2016 champion).

“The strength of our finale opponent (Formosa Crew) is their bonding for 10 years and also their experience. Each and every single dance crews have their own strength and weakness. Ours is lacking in battle experience compared to theirs.”

“I used to learn how to dance via Formosa Crew channels. They are something like my idol in dancing. I never expected myself to be competing against them on the same stage.” Said KidInn.

“After the competition, we will still dance as the same team. For the past 7 months, we have been practising together and have been spending most of our times together. We won’t stop dancing and we will aim to do even better in future competitions.”

Renowned Judges Performed During Asian Battleground 2016!
Asian Battleground 2016 this time has invited popular and renowned dancer judges including Pacman, Anthony Lee & Mike SongLia Kim & FirebacC.Hsiang(钧翔)and Medusa.

All of them have mesmerized the audiences too with their special performances on stage.

For  those who have missed the Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016 yesterday, you can catch the show via Astro本地圈 official YouTube channelhttp://bit.ly/AsianBattleground2016.

For more information on Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016, please visit: www.facebook.com/astrobattleground

Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016 Youtube link

Red Lycans have been my favourite dance crew this year. Although they didn’t win Asian Battleground亚洲舞极限 2016, I still think they are really awesome. Keep it up! Looking forward to see you guys in future performances!

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