[Coverage] MY FM 敢敢来 2.0 GO! @ Sunway Pyramid

[Coverage] MY FM 敢敢来 2.0 GO! @ Sunway Pyramid

MY FM 敢敢来 2.0 GO! @ Sunway Pyramid! DJ, celebrities and audiences partied high!

Kuala Lumpur, September 2016 – Last week “MY FM 敢敢来 2.0 GO!” just happened at Sunway Pyramid. It was an exciting activity whereby the radio announcers from MY FM, celebrities as well as audiences partied and had fun! Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to cover the event.

Date: 10th September 2016
Time: 2pm
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

Games and Challenges!
“MY FM 敢敢来 2.0 GO!” has brought the radio game show “MY FM 敢敢来 2.0” to another level by bringing it live on stage and simulated it into a reality show event. It has taken place in a few different parts of our country including Penang, Ipoh, Batu Pahat and Klang Valley. During the event, all of the MY FM radio announcers have participated in the games and challenges.

Some of the games being played on stage included MY FM 敢敢 Hold, MY FM 敢敢跳,MY FM 敢敢摸,MY FM 敢敢猜. These games required a certain amount of courage and wisdom. It was even more interesting that the celebrities were very sporting in playing the games and challenges.

LIVE Performance of the celebrities!
Apart from games and challenges, celebrities including Janice Yan閻奕格, 李承運, Zen 俊倩, Juwei, Alvin Chong鍾瑾樺, Kim 林长金,朱浩仁 and Kpop artiste Dean have performed LIVE on stage!

Besides being a director and actor, 李承運 can actually sing quite well on stage!

Zen 俊倩 performed singing and dancing energetically which kept the venue heated up!

Second performed LIVE drawing of his masterpiece 爽爽猫 on stage which featured Nasi Lemak in it.

Janice Yan閻奕格 mesmerized the audiences with her melodious voice. She has also shared with the fans regarding her upcoming involvement in a LIVE Performance Show with some veteran HK artistes including Michael Tse and Wayne Lai.

Juwei performed 白色外套on stage. She informed that she will be releasing her new song soon.

Alvin Chong has made the audiences screamed for him as he performed on stage. The audiences even requested him to show off his muscles. Well, he did as what he was told.

Kim has performed 不要分手and it was a great live performance.

朱浩仁 performed on stage and he also took up an impromptu dance by dancing to the beat created by an audience who did a spontaneous beatbox.

Last but not least, Kpop sensation Dean has come out on stage and he has made the whole venue gone crazy with fans cheering for him! Appearing LIVE in Sunway Pyramid, Dean has performed a total of 3 songs including “Put My Hands On You”, “21” and “D (Half Moon)” on stage. It was really spectacular!

The First Time Appearance of “Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2016” Finalists!

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2016 (Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2016 ) finalists including Serene 林宣妤(20 years old, Perak, Jacqueline程爱玲(24 years oldPahang, Annie罗安妮(25 years oldKuala Lumpur, Show苏诗僡(22 years oldJohor, Michele王钰美(23 years oldPenang)、Kendra苏凯璇(23 years oldPahang, Serene蔡咏彬(22 years oldJohor,Bella徐苑绮(21 years oldPenang have made their very first appearance at “MY FM 敢敢来 2.0 GO!”.

Besides greeting the audiences, they have also taken part in the games and challenges during the event!

Great Prizes For The Fans!
The event also provided a chance for the My FM fans to win great prizes including RM 3000 Travel Voucher, 360 degrees camera, iPad Mini 2, smartphones and etc. Besides, some lucky audiences even got the opportunity to win May Day Concert Tickets and BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] Tour tickets too!

This was a totally different attempt from MY FM in their annual celebrations. It was a great one. Million thanks to MY FM for giving us a chance to do a coverage on the event!

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