[Coverage] AIM CHINESE 2016 (2016 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼)

[Coverage] AIM CHINESE 2016 (2016 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼)

Kuala Lumpur, September 2016- AIM CHINESE 2016 (2016 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼), one of the biggest Chinese Music Awards In Malaysia has been held on 12th September 2016, 2016 at Sunway Putra Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Our team was given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

This event was organized by RIM who has always been the frontline organization of the music industry in Malaysia in addressing various industry problems, such as piracy in the copy-righted recordings of RIM’s members and the development of new businesses such as the distribution of music via online and mobile channels. AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik) is one of the great efforts by RIM in order to recognize and honour the best local talents in Malaysia music industry.

This year carries the theme of “MUSIC SHINES” which RIM is hoping to support local music and talents shines and reach out to a broader market through the publicity and awareness of AIM awards.

Star Studded Red Carpet!
AIM CHINESE 2016 (2016 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼) was attended by many great names in Malaysia Chinese Music Industry! All of the celebrities have attended the show with their best dresses and attires! They have proven to shine not just in their music but also in their fashion!

Here are some of the photos taken during the red carpet:

So who is you favourite in terms of the best-dressed fashion in the red carpet?

Performances To Rock The Show Up!
Apart from just being an award event, there are many collaborations of performances up on stage! It’s great to see some of the great local talents performed on stage that night!

In addition, Dean from Korea has also been invited to perform as the final guest performer of the night!

Nicholas Teo, The Biggest Winner Of The Night!
Grabbing away Best Male Artiste, Best Album, Best Song, Best Song Producer as well as a few other awards with his fellow companions on his work, Nicholas Teo is no doubt the biggest winner of the night!

“Thanks to AIM, thanks to media members, thanks to all of the fans, actually this time I decided to do something different with my music style. There are also some changes with me and the fans. I believed that I have lost quite a lot of fans throughout the break, but I felt that me and the fans who have stayed behind for me are getting closer than before. Thanks to the fans for knowing me. Thanks for giving me the strength. I promised, I will continue my music journey more truthfully to you all and also to myself. Last but not least, thanks to my family members for always praying for me.” Said Nicholas Teo.

Besides of giving his own speech, during the Best Song awards, Nicholas also invited his fellow team members to give at least 1 minute speech too.

李佳薇 Best Female Artiste Of The Night! Geraldine 颜慧萍 Biggest Winner Among Female Artiste!
The Best Female Artiste for AIM CHINESE 2016 (2016 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼) is crowned by李佳薇. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend the show. Nevertheless, she totally deserved it!

On the other hand, while Geraldine 颜慧萍 didn’t make it for the Best Female Artiste. However, she was definitely the biggest female artiste winner as she won away Best New Artiste, Best Drama/Movie Theme Song and also Best Mini Album. Throughout the show, she has “Thanks Lord”  for each and every time when she went on stage. She was truly gracious! Congratulations Geraldine! Keep it up!

Classics Wins The Show Too!
Apart from the pop music, there were classic category of awards too. If Nicholas Teo was the biggest winner for the mandopop category, then the biggest winner for the classic category goes to王骏 as he won the classic category best male artiste and also classic category best album.

Besides, classics also won the show too because most of the presenters from the classic generations have provided even more fun and humor on stage than the rest! Part of the great fun of the show was the jokes provided by these veteran artistes! Thanks for the joy!

AIM CHINESE 2016 (2016 AIM中文音乐颁奖典礼) Complete Winners List

Best Male Artiste最佳男歌手 :张栋樑《怎样的 张栋樑 EP
Best Female Artiste最佳女歌手:李佳薇《天堂/悬崖》
Best Group/Band 最佳组合/乐团:Mad August《喂~我不知道》

Best New Artistes最佳新人
Gold金:Geraldine 颜慧萍 The Journey 一路有你》
Silver银:Nicole 赖淞凤《爱我的人收》

Best Lyricist最佳作词 :管启源《现在你是怎样的人?》
Best Song Composer最佳作曲:黄淑惠《你快乐未必我快乐》
Best Song Arrangement最佳编曲:陈子超《现在你是怎样的人?》
Best Song Producer最佳歌曲制作:张栋樑,陈子超,管启源《年华》
Best Music Video最佳音乐录影带:王绍伟《现在你是怎样的人》 (演唱: 张栋樑)
Best Drama/Movie Theme Song最佳电视剧/电影主题曲:一步距离《电影: 一路有你》(演唱: 颜慧萍)

Best Dialect Song最佳方言歌曲:黄一飞《阿公的脚踏车》
Best Chinese New Year Album最佳贺岁专辑:Astro, MY FM, MELODY FM全体艺人 《猴爷大盛年猴年贺岁专辑》
Best Young Talent’s Album最佳少儿专辑:Astro小太阳主持人《小太阳快乐唱跳合辑(1)童童欢乐园》
Best Album最佳专辑:张栋樑《怎样的张栋樑》
Best Song最佳金曲:张栋樑《人生没有如果》
Best Mini Album最佳迷你专辑:颜慧萍《The Journey 一路有你》
Best Album Design最佳专辑设计:Keith Chee Take Me Home (演唱: Henley 许亮宇

Classic Category Best Male Artiste (
本地原创经典风格组) 最佳男歌手 :王骏《王骏同名专辑》
Classic Category Best Female Artiste (
本地原创经典风格组) 最佳女歌手 :黄晓凤《流行魅力恋歌感谢伤害我的人》
Classic Category Best Album(
本地原创经典风格组) 最佳专辑:王骏《王骏同名专辑》
Classic Category Best Song Producer (
本地原创经典风格组) 最佳歌曲制作:王昱亨《一路上有你》(演唱:陆玟静)
Outstanding Contribution Award 特别贡献奖 :王裕宗

Congratulations to Nicholas Teo for winning big!

That’s all for the coverage from our team. Stay tuned to our website wljack.com for more events and updates in Malaysia!

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