[Coverage] Issac Dang “Subconscious” LIVE Showcase (鄧養天“潛意識”大馬音樂會2016)

[Coverage] Issac Dang “Subconscious” LIVE Showcase (鄧養天潛意識大馬音樂會2016)

Kuala Lumpur, March 2016 - Issac Dang “Subconscious” LIVE Showcase just took place at Garden's Theatre, Midvalley yesterday night! It was a great pleasure for our team from wljack.com to be given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event!

Venue: The Gardens Theatre (Level 6, The Gardens North Tower, Mid Valley City)
Date: 4th March 2016, Friday
Time: 8.30pm

Organized by The WonderLand+, cooperated with recording label company WhatsUp Music, 988 as official radio station, JOOX as official music streaming platform, Pick A Brush as official artiste hair makeup and Neway as official Karaoke, Issac Dang “Sunconscious” LIVE Showcase has been successfully held yesterday.

First Time having a 90 minutes long LIVE Showcase!
This was the first time for Issac to perform a 90 minutes non-stop LIVE music showcase and he has collaborated with talented musicians A9 Strings for the show.

During the event, he mentioned that he will try not to cry during his performances. Despite himself admitting that he is not that witty in his speech, he mentioned that he has to make a breakthrough for the first time today to speak more on stage rather than just singing.

988 Dj the special guest on stage!
After performing a few of his songs such as 烟花,蝴蝶 and etc, he has invited 988 DJ 皓敏 on stage as a guest performer. Issac mentioned that 988 radio station is like a family for him because they have been very supportive to him since his debut.

Sharing similarity between both of them, whereby both of them are also from South Peninsular of Malaysia, Singaporean drama plays a part and parcel of their life. Johorean people grown up watching those TV dramas. Thus, both of them have performed some theme songs from the Singaporean drama, including 关怀方式 and 小人物的心声.

Performing Medley of Malaysian songs!
Apart from singing Singaporean theme songs, Issac has also taken the chance to mesmerize the audience with the medley performance of a few Malaysian artistes’ songs including 爱我,一个人生活,你要的爱,可惜不是你.

Surprise appearance by Candy Lo!
Apart from DJ 皓敏 who was the guest performer, Issac has also invited a special guest from Hong Kong, Candy Lo 盧巧音! Working under the same record label company, Candy Lo 盧巧音 has been very helpful to Issac in his singing career. And this time, she was very supportive and agreed to appear as guest for his live showcase in Malaysia.

During the music showcase, Issac has performed duet with candy singing candy's iconic song, 好心分手!

"I am still Issac!"
Regardless of how near or far the milestones he has achieved, Issac just wanted to be himself and continue to sing the best that he could. The finale of the music showcase ended with an array of his popular songs including潜意识, 狼狈 and 错爱的意外.

Some warming moments during the show:

Issac's mother came on stage and gave him flowers.

It is really nice to see Issac Dang is doing well in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hope he can proceed to an even higher peak in his career in the future!

Thanks to The Wonderland+ for providing us a chance to cover the event!

Didn't manage to take a photo with Issac but managed to take a photo with 988 DJ 皓敏!

Video Coverage of Issac Dang "Subconscious" LIVE Showcase:

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