[Movie Review] Let’s Eat 开饭啦

[Movie Review] Let’s Eat 开饭啦

The film revolves the story between Dai Hung, the head chef of Ah Yong Cafe and the owner’s daughter Rosemary. Dai Hung (played by Chapman To) is the main person in charge of Ah Yong Café before Rosemary (played by Aimee Chan) came back and take over of the café. There is a conflict between both of them due to their different perspective in managing the café. Dai Hung is a more traditional style of person while Rosemary is someone more radical approach type of person.

Who will win in their conflict?

Will Rosemary’s radical approach be better than Dai Hung’s traditional way?

Let’s eat this Chinese New Year and watch the movie in your nearest cinema soon!

Let’s Eat 开饭啦is directed by Chapman To and he himself is the main protagonist in the movie. The movie is based in Malaysia setting.

Comedy well delivered by Chapman To! Less Vulgarity, More Family-friendly!
Being a veteran comedy actor, it is obvious that Chapman To has had sufficient experience in delivering comedic moments and slapstick jokes in his own directed movie. Whether it is on his dialogue or the expressions shooting of the characters, their performance are good enough to let the audiences felt entertained throughout the whole show.

Maybe it is due to the restriction in Malaysia, the style of the comedy is vastly different from Chapman To’s usual style of vulgar humor. However, the comedic fun is still plenty in there, but in a more family-friendly way.

Simple Plot with a mild twist!
The movie consists of a straight forward family business storyline whereby the child of the owner came back to take over the command of the business and the conflict between an old staff with the new boss. Yup, it’s simple but it’s an easily digestible family movie in which audiences from different category of ages can keep track with.

Of course, the movie has a mild twist near the ending. Not too surprising but it’s not something which everyone would have expected.

Pacing otherwise is generally well-spaced and it’s relaxing to follow the plot progress.

While it’s a simple kitchen style family business movie, it has some meaningful message conveyed inside and I think it can be quite inspirational and fitting for Chinese New Year season.

Wonderful filming of great food!
Although some of the scene angles shooting are slightly off, but the filming of great food is actually quite pleasurable. In addition, some slow-mo effects present in the film are well-touched.

Great Chemistry Between Actors!
For the acting aspect, the chemistry between the actors are actually quite good despite that it consists of casts from different countries (From Hong Kong, Malaysia and some cameos from Singapore).

The interaction between Chapman To and Aimee is quite good. Their conversation consists of witty dialogues which are quite hilarious. Their acting performance are of course up to their standard.

Otherwise, the other actors such as Lo Hoi Pang and C-Kwan are also equally comical. Nonetheless, their jocular expressions and performance have added even more humor to the movie.

The other things I’d like to praise is regarding the jokes in the movie that are quite relatable for the people especially from Malaysia. I believe Malaysian audience would found the jokes more fun when they watch the movie. Some younger generation trend is also infused into its humor rightfully.

Background Music and Original Soundtrack!
While the original theme song “幸福的美味” is nice, the background music is slightly plain and not too exciting. Nonetheless, the music can still fit in the scenes appropriately.

The downside
Remember that I mentioned regarding the twist in the movie? While it is surprising, it doesn’t seem logical enough to fit into the plot. I’d appreciate it more if the secretive person turned out to be someone else.

Apart from the few mentioned names like Chapman To, Aimee and etc, others’ acting performance are not too spectacular and some are quite stony.

What I like about the movie:
  • Comedic fun in the movie
  • Great performance by Chapman To and Aimee Chan
  • Wonderful shot of food
  • Simple and relatable jokes
  • Meaningful message delivered

What I dislike about the movie:
  • Lacking of Chapman To’s usual vulgar humor (Personal opinion, I think Chapman To is more hilarious in vulgarish jokes)
  • Side actors’ performances are so-so
  • Non-logical twist


This movie deserves a 6.5/10.0!

“It’s a family-friendly comedy movie which is suitable to be watched during the Chinese New Year Festive season!” –WLJack

Recommended as a Chinese New Year Season Movie!
A decent watch for the season!

However, if you are the fans of Chapman’s usual style of 18+ jokes movies, this might not be what you’d expected. Otherwise, it is decent enough to provide sufficient family-friendly joy!

"Let’s Eat 开饭啦" can provide a good laugh for you during this Chinese New Year 2016! Do catch it with your family members!

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