[Coverage] Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 《怎样的张栋梁 To Be...Nicholas Live 音乐会》

[Coverage] Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 《怎样的张栋梁 To Be...Nicholas Live 音乐会》

Kuala Lumpur, December 2015- Presented by Woonmei, organized by Click Entertainment, Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 《怎样的张栋梁 To Be...Nicholas Live 音乐会》has been successfully held at Kuchai Lama, Mega Star Arena a few days ago.

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a golden opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Venue: Mega Star Arena, Kuchai Lama
Date: 5th December 2015
Time: 8.30pm

The Music showcase is sponsored by Sea Horse, Carlo Rino, Official TV station 8tv, Official Radio Station MY FM, supported by Melody FM and special thanks to Mega Star Arena and Redbox & Greenbox Karaoke.

Showcasing Nicholas Teo's Songs With His Current Interpretations!
The Music Showcase is titled as《怎样的张栋梁 To Be...Nicholas Live 音乐会》in conjunction with his new album release. The title also signified that it doesn't want to restrict the audience's expectations on the ways Nicholas is going to present his songs. "To Be..." is a music showcase that truly embraces the spirit of Music and Art.

During the showcase, Nicholas sang many of his memorable old songs in a different styles compared to his past. The songs might be sung in a different way but nonetheless have brought the audiences and fans down the memory lane. The fans get to hear their all-time favourites such as “痛徹心扉寂寞边界当你孤单你会想起谁” and ect during the show.

A Thoughtful Concert To Enlighten The Audience!
"To Be...Nicholas Teo Live" is not just about music but also reaches out for motivational intention and inspires the audiences to think more about "what if" situations and what they would want to do now.

Early in the beginning of the show, it showed us some footages of people being interviewed on what they would do if being given a second chance. Throughout the show, the background screen consistently show us some motivational quotes.

It's a thoughtful show and it would definitely remind the audiences to appreciate their present life and do something before it's too late.

Fans wowed during 王子 performance!
During Nicholas's performance on the song of 王子, there were two costumed dancers on-stage playing as a masked man and also a clown. During the final chorus of the song, an illusionary trick transformed the clown into a dancer who showed his six packs on stage. A lot of the fans “wow"-ed upon seeing that.

After Nicholas finished singing the song, he replied to the audiences funnily, "I saw your expressions there"!

Anna 庄启馨, The One and Only guest of the night!
During the show, there was only one guest performers and she was Anna  庄启馨, the winner of 2015娱协奖最佳独立原创专辑》. In fact, she was also the background singer for Nicholas during the show too.

During her guest appearance, she has performed a duet with Nicholas titled "You and Me". It was really a melodious performance and I loved it! After the performance, Nicholas gave her a gratitude hug. He said, "I know your husband is here, but I still feel like giving you a hug".

First time performing "小乌龟" LIVE!
Still remember Nicholas's idol drama in Taiwan "微笑 Pasta"? Yup. This is the theme song in the drama and he said that he was singing it LIVE for the first time on stage.

Due to the fans demand, he performed an unplanned encore during the show with this song.

It's a full house show! 
The show is full house. Many of Nicholas's fans came and supported their idol for this show!

Overall, it was a great pleasure to see Nicholas'a comeback with his new EP album 《怎样的张栋樑》and the show was really spectacular. Million thanks to Yin Loo from CLICK ENTERTAINMENT for the invitation to cover the event!

Thanks Yin Loo for the invitation!

Covered the event with my event buddy, Thin Wy!

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