[Coverage] Yuan Carnival 2015 TVB Artistes Press Conference (Featuring Selena Li 李施嬅, Evergreen Mak麦长青 (麦包), Raymond Wong 黄浩然,Elaine Yiu 姚子羚 )

[Coverage] Yuan Carnival 2015 TVB Artistes Press Conference (Featuring Selena Li 李施嬅, Evergreen Mak麦长青 (麦包), Raymond Wong 黄浩然,Elaine Yiu 姚子羚 )

Kuala Lumpur, October 2015 – It’s time for one of the largest Annual Chinese Carnival in Malaysia again, Yuan Carnival 2015! This year, Yuan Carnival 2015 featured TVB artistes Selena Li李施嬅, Evergreen Mak麦长青 (麦包), Raymond Wong 黄浩然,Elaine Yiu 姚子羚 to have a meet and greet session with the fans in Malaysia.

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com were given an opportunity to do a coverage on the TVB Artistes Press Conference which was held prior to the meet and greet sessions.

Date: 27th September 2015
e Hotel @ One City 

TVB Artistes Sharing Regarding Their Experience In Their Trip To Malaysia This Time!
The press conference was held in Horizon, e Hotel @ One City. The four prominent Hong Kong artistes have attended the press conference and chatted with the media members regarding their experience in Malaysia this time!

All of them have expressed their likings to Malaysian food especially Durian. Only Evergreen Mak was not really a fans of Durian. Musang King has been Selena’s favourite. Apart from that, Elaine also loves to taste the curry noodle in Malaysia. Malaysia is indeed a paradise of good food!

Their Favourite Characters In The Past!
Apart from sharing their foodie experience, the artistes have also shared about their favourite characters so far.

非凡哥 was not Evergreen Mak’s Favorite Role!
Evergreen Mak mentioned that his favourite role ever was the role in茶是故鄉. While he has won an award before via another notable character, 非凡哥he mentioned that the character of 非凡哥 wasn’t one of his top 10 favourite. For him, getting an award is just like handed with a report card for him to show to his parents and family members. The best thing to manifest his efforts was when the audiences or friends mentioned on how much his acting has resembled someone in their lives. (for eg, reminded people about their bosses). He would be even more delighted if people can recognize his efforts that way.

Who doesn’t love桃花? Well, Selena Li Loves That Role Too!
Selena Li on the other hand mentioned that her favourite role ever was when she played as 桃花 in the drama, 寒山潜龙. The role has received many positive remarks from others. She herself loves the innocent and likeable personality of that character. The other role which she likes is the role where she played as the younger self of Liza Wang’s role in 風雲天地. Liza praised her acting in the show and it was a great encouragement for her.

Tough character was Elaine’s choice of role!
Elaine Yiu loves playing the role Ko Yee-kiu from 我的如意狼君. The character was neither good nor evil but was definitely a tough character. The reason why she likes the role is because it was different from her other roles which was usually more pitiful or soft hearted.

Raymond’s Great Experience Via Acting Alongside with Veteran Actor!
Raymond loves his role in 情越雙白線 whereby he had a chance to act along with Kent Cheng. In the show, he played a less goody two shoes protagonist and his bond with Kent’s role was somewhat different from the usual father-son bond. It was a great experience for him and he have learnt a lot from the veteran actor mentioned.

Desired Future Roles!
When asked on whether any of the artistes have any desired roles which they want to play in the future, Evergreen Mak and Selena Li both mentioned that they were interested to play the role as modern police.

The Press Conference Turned Into A Fatherly Discussion!
As we all know, reality show featuring parents and their children are great hits nowadays. When asked on their opinions regarding this kind of reality show, the artistes especially the two male actors mentioned that it was a very educational idea.

By letting the kids take part in these kind of show, the kids can actually get a chance to explore, discover and adapt to different surroundings. Evergreen expressed his interest in taking part in this genre of show but usually the other counterparts couldn’t make it. So it doesn’t proceed any further.

The press conference was then turned into a fatherly discussion when the host Xiao Yu asked them on how they handled their children at home. Evergreen shared the experience of how a guy tried to court his daughter and how he gave advices to his daughter. He will usually asked for the guy’s academic report. If a guy can’t even take care of himself in terms of academic or career, it will be difficult for him to take care of the daughter.

Raymond however replied that we shouldn’t be too restrictive to the children’s decision too. If the parents are too restrictive, they might eventually fear of even telling anything to the parents.

It was a funny yet meaningful fatherly discussion!

Haze Was An Annual Event In Malaysia?
Evergreen mentioned on how sad he was when he saw the haze condition in Malaysia because he was usually able to see blue sky and sunny weather in Malaysia every time he came here.

Selena thought that haze was an annual event in Malaysia because someone told her so.

But either way, the artistes weren’t aware of the haze before they arrived. So they didn’t have any preventive measures to counter the haze.

Media members get to take a photo with all the four artistes during the end of the press conference.

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