[Press Conference Coverage] “Knock Knock Who’s There” 《有客到》 @ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

[Press Conference Coverage] “Knock Knock Who’s There” 《有客到》 @ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, August 2015- It’s a hungry ghost festival season. During this season, definitely there will be many horror movies which are going to be released soon. One of the movies that will be coming to our theatre soon is HK film, “Knock Knock Who’s There 《有客到》”.

In conjunction with its upcoming release, a press conference was held in Malaysia in the presence of the director Carrie Ng吴家丽 and one of the main star Kate Tsui 徐子珊.

Date: 21st August 2015
Time: 11.00AM
Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Horror Theme Movie Flavored with HK Tradition!
The Cantonese title of the film is 《有客到》 means “a guest has arrived”. It is a phrase which is well known amongst the Chinese especially those in Hong Kong. The phrase was usually announced when guests have arrived at the funeral home of the deceased ones. Director Carrie Ng hopes to bring the HK culture into this film because it can make the audiences in HK to feel more connected as well as letting audiences from other countries to know more about the culture.

有客到 usually was interpreted by others as the guests who are still alive. However, in her opinion, sometimes the deceased ones might be the guests too.

Three Different Plots!
The movie is consists of three different plots mainly titled as “Missing”, “Karma” and “Smell”.

Here are some brief introduction of each plotline:

Missing: Isabelle got her head cut off and died tragically in a car accident. She reunited with her ex-boyfriend who works at the funeral home. Their sparkles reignited even though she’s a ghost. But this reunion is doomed from the beginning.

Karma: Yung works at joss paper goods shop. Her stepparents are compulsive gamblers. In order to bring good luck to life, they caught a black cat from the alley and put it in the coffin to perform a ritual called “Lucky cat”. But who would have known that the black cat was actually killed by Yung’s stepmother before she was caught.

Smell: Yan is a Smartphone addict. She picks up a phone of a call girl – Meow by accident. She is very interested in making friends with her after seeing Meow’s sexy pictures in the phone. They start texting each other frequently and that’s the time when Yan’s life gets weird.

Kate Tsui Biggest Fear!
During the press conference, Kate Tsui was asked whether she is afraid of ghost. She replied that she isn’t afraid of ghost but is afraid to accept horror film. However, after Carrie Ng discussed with her regarding the script and her role in the film, she was convinced and finally decided to take part in this movie.

She also revealed her biggest fear during the press conference. She said that her biggest fear was Rat. In the movie, there was a scene whereby she needs to handle a real rat.

“Weird Experience” During The Filming Process?
Bumping into some “weird experience” is not something uncommon anymore in filming process of horror films. When asked whether there was such experience or scenario during the filming of this movie, Carrie Ng nodded her head and replied “Yes”.

There was a scene whereby they were filming after midnight and some noisy sound was heard from nowhere. The audio crew shouted “Please be quiet.”. Carrie asked where’s the noise came from. The audio crew replied spontaneously during that time that it was from the people who were relocating and carrying goods on the above floor. Carrie was wondering why there would be people still working at such an hour.

After the scene was done, the audio crew revealed to her that there was no people upstairs actually and he was also unsure where the noise came from.

However, Carrie responded during the conference that this kind of situations always happened regardless of whether you are filming a horror movie or not.

“Knock Knock Who’s There” 《有客到》Synopsis and Movie Stills
Funeral home - is the last stop of the deceased ones. This is also where “turn undead” takes place, the ritual that purifies the soul. The soul that hasn’t gone through the ritual is usually a haunting one. They still have things undone in human world. In order to finish that, they usually do something disturbing which led to supernatural incidents. Three seemingly separate stories happen at funeral home intertwine.

The movie will be released in cinemas this 27th August 2015.

Do check it out during this Ghost Festival Season!

Before I left the press conference, I took a photo with Kate Tsui.

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