[Official Press Release] Astro Celebrates Malaysian Films this Merdeka 2015! Kitasama Blood Donation Drive is back in 7 Locations Nationwide

[Official Press Release] Astro Celebrates Malaysian Films this Merdeka 2015!
Kitasama Blood Donation Drive is back in 7 Locations Nationwide

Kuala Lumpur, August 2015 – This Merdeka 2015, Astro will pay a tribute to Malaysia and Malaysians via two Negaraku campaigns from 15 August 2015 till 16 September 2015.

First, Astro will showcase the multi ethnic, multi-language and multi-cultural landscape of Malaysians by celebrating Malaysian films and profiling of Malaysian actors and directors across its multi-platforms.

The other Negaraku campaign will see the return of the KitaSama Blood Donation Drive in 7 locations nationwide.

Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro said, “The beauty of Malaysia is defined by its people, diverse cultures and rich heritage. This year we want to celebrate Malaysians and their achievements in films, both locally and internationally. Astro customers from 4.5 million households will be able to enjoy 24 new premieres of local and international movies directed by Malaysians including selected titles available on Astro on the Go. At the same time, we will be running the KitaSama Blood Donation Drive for the second year as we believe it’s timely during Merdeka to also help those in need.”

Some of the movies premiering includes award winning local productions, ‘Terbaik dari Langit’ (Astro Citra, CH 131), ‘The Journey’ (Astro AEC, CH301), ‘29 Februari’ (Astro Ria CH 104), ‘Marupakkam’ (Astro Vaanavil CH 201), ‘Oh My English Telemovie: Oh My Goat - Come Baaack!’ (Astro TVIQ, CH501) and international titles ‘Conjuring’ (HBO, CH411), by the Malaysian born director James Wan, ‘Reign of Assassins’ (Celestial Movies HD, CH 309) and ‘Viral Factor’ (Celestial Movies HD, CH 309) featuring Malaysian actresses, Michelle Yeoh and Crystal Lee respectively.

In addition, A-List (CH 456) a channel dedicated to artistic filmmaking will feature indie Malaysian films such as ‘The Girl From Tomorrow’, ‘Girl In The Water’, ‘Afternoon River, Evening Sky’ as well as a series of exclusive interviews hosted by film critic Hassan Muthalib with prolific local independent directors such as James Lee, Nik Amir Mustapha, Liew Seng Tat and more. Roll back the memories with Tayangan Hebat’s (CH 130) “Jiwa Klasik” featuring 12 classic films, notably ‘Bawang Puteh Bawang Merah’, ‘Sultan Mahmood Mangkat di Julang’, ‘Sumpah Pontianak’ and more.

The KitaSama Blood Donation Drive includes a social media challenge, #ScarednotScared – to encourage Malaysian youths to donate blood and challenge others in the process. Pledge to donate blood by changing your social media profile image by heading to www.astro.com.my/negaraku. Then, challenge friends and social media users to do the same by tagging and sharing the #ScarednotScared challenge.

In partnership with hitz.fm, the hitz Morning Crew members; Ean Nasrun, Arnold Loh and Ryan De Alwis kick-started the #ScarednotScared challenge during the launch event. Ean Nasrun said, “There are those who do not donate blood for fear of needles, say they are too busy, or they just don't want to. However I do hope that the #ScarednotScared challenge will encourage especially the younger generation to give blood as it’s one of the most wonderful things a person can do for someone else. Be unafraid and pledge to donate blood today then challenge your friends to do the same!

The public are encouraged to join the KitaSama Blood Donation Drive which will be held in 7 locations including East Malaysia to donate blood to the National Blood Bank Malaysia. (Pusat Darah Negara)

In addition to these locations, those who are interested in donating can head over to either of the 40 partner hospitals throughout Malaysia to donate blood for the KitaSama Blood Donation Drive.

The main locations of the blood donation drives are:
  • KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru (14 & 15 August),
  • Berjaya Mall, Kuantan (22 & 23 August),
  • Ipoh Parade, Ipoh(29 & 30 August),
  • Cheras Leisure Mall, Klang Valley (5 & 6 September),
  • Penang Times Square, Georgetown (12 & 13 September),
  • Oceanus Water Front Mall, Kota Kinabalu (12 & 13 September),
  • Plaza Merdeka, Kuching ( 16 September).

Log on to www.astro.com.my/Negaraku for the Negaraku content schedule and information on the KitaSama Blood Donation Drive locations.

Published by WLJack.
(Based on official press release issued by Astro to wljack.com)

WL Jack

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