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Friday, 10 July 2015

[Recap Coverage] Malaysia PWH Music Awards 2015娛協獎

[Recap Coverage] Malaysia PWH Music Awards 2015娛協獎

Kuala Lumpur – Many apologies for the delay of the coverage post regarding one of the Malaysia most prestigious award shows, Malaysia PWH Music Awards 2015娛協獎 which I have attended on May 2015. I was very busy with hospital works last month. (Did many oncalls last month and don’t really have time to blog or even sleep).

Star-Studded Event!
Being one of the most highly recognized awards show in Malaysia, there were many guests who have graced the night including celebrities and local music talents ranging from the newer generations ones to the internationally-known ones! Some of the notable celebrities who have attended the show include Penny Tai, Michael Wong, Ah Niu, Z-Chen and etc! All of these music talents have attended the show as a support to Malaysian Mandarin Music Industry!

Great Theme with great kick starter performance!
The theme for this year Malaysia PWH Music Award was就是爱音乐,怎样!, a strong theme which depicts the passions among the local music talents! In addition to that, they have started the show with a great opening performance! It was so adorable to watch a cute young kid singing Michael Wong’s 童话 on stage and it was jaw dropping to see Michael Wong performing a song right after that!
The feeling of the theme was pushed to the peak when various artistes perform the main theme song together on stage!

Unexpected Results! “Big-shot” candidates went back home empty-handed!
Soo Wincci won big!
There was quite a number of surprises and unexpected results in the Award show this year. One of the most notable surprise was when Soo Wincci won 傳媒推荐大獎 over a few of the big shot candidates including張智成、黃威爾、溫力銘、陳威全&許亮宇. This was something unexpected but nonetheless well-deserved. From her debut until now, we can definitely see a lot of efforts from her. Her determination was what made her the winner! Congratulations!

Big winners of the night!
There were a few artistes who have totally stolen the limelight of the night by winning several awards! (The awards winners list are below the post).

Those big winners of the night include Eunice何沛璇, Fuying & Sam, 顏慧萍 and宇田. All of them have their own unique characteristics which have won over the heart of the audiences and judges as evidenced by the number of awards they have won!

Album Cover Design Gained Recognition!
One of the most important factor which can also boost the success of the album sales is the album cover. Thus, during this award show, awards were also provided as a recognition and appreciation to the great artworks and designs of local music album cover. 王藍茵《失敗之作》album cover was the winner for that category!

A truly fair and square awards show! Renowned Figures Were The Judge Panelists!
2015娛協獎》Judge panelists include王治平、曾淑勤、張映坤、周博華、王威勝、鄭澤相、張覺隆、Alex San、陳偉堅、陳豪、陳旭輝、朱運輝、曹杰峰、郭朝河、家飛、丁冬、David Koon、黃文升、Bonnie Ang、王昱享、高山、奇怪、蘇華寶、王炳智、關德輝、劉貴雄 and approximately 100 Malaysian media members.

Malaysia PWH Music Award Winners List 2015娛協獎得獎名單

最佳團體獎:Fuying & Sam










現在投選最受歡迎歌手獎:Fuying & Sam

最佳作詞獎:洪瑞業 《雨是甜的》演繹:宇田





銅:何沛璇、Fuying & Sam

1. 王藍茵、陳子超《失敗之作》詞曲:王藍茵
2. 何沛璇《對的時刻》詞:張國祥、何沛璇 曲:何沛璇
3. 方炯嘉《五月天搶走我的女朋友》詞曲:方炯嘉
4. 宇田《雨是甜的》詞:洪瑞業 曲:宇田
5. 郭修彧《Mission Incomplete》詞曲:曾毓欣
6. 溫力銘《布魯克》詞曲:溫力銘
7. 蘇盈之《過得去》詞曲:劉永輝
8. The Impressoul(李欣怡、伍家輝)《分手有理》詞:李欣怡 曲:伍家輝
9. Fuying & Sam《分開以後》詞曲:馬逸騰
10. 顏慧萍、趙潔瑩《BFF》詞曲:陳穎見

1. 范瑋琪《最親愛的你》詞:林建良 曲:方炯鑌
2. 宇珩、蕭賀碩《不鏽鋼》詞:管啟源 曲:宇珩
3. 楊宗緯《其實都沒有》詞:楊宗緯 曲:伍冠諺、易桀齊
4. 陳威全《濫好人》詞:馬嵩惟、瑞业 曲:陳威全
5. 梁靜茹《愛久見人心》詞:彭學斌、陳沒 曲:彭學斌 
6. 楊丞琳《想幸福的人》詞:姚若龍 曲:張向榮、魏文浩
7. 曹格《荷里活》詞:彭資閔 曲:曹格 
8. 劉思涵《擁抱你》詞曲:戴佩妮
9. 楊丞琳《天使之翼》詞:邱聖倫、蔣篤全 曲:邱聖倫
10.許亮宇《愛情駭客》詞:許亮宇、葉樹賢、彭學斌 曲:許亮宇

最佳原創金曲獎:梁靜茹《愛久見人心》作詞:彭學斌、陳沒 作曲:彭學斌


Congratulations to all of the winners for the Awards show! 
Here's som

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