[Upcoming Movie] “Ode to My Father” Scheduled to Hit Malaysia Big Screens this April 30

[Upcoming Movie] “Ode to My Father” Scheduled to Hit Malaysia Big Screens this April 30

Breaking “Avatars” Box Office Records in Korea 
Popular Korean director JK Youn’s latest firm “Ode to My Father” is a story that follows the different life stages of a man with Korea’s modern history as background.

It depicts how the man, who is not only a son, but also a husband and a father, sacrificed and fought for his family. The story is a tribute to the man, who lives for his family.

Overwhelming Response in Korea Box Office
“Ode to My Father” is a highly-anticipated work of JK Youn after his popular masterpiece “Haeundae”. The movie was selected for the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival Panorama.

The movie has received great response since its release in Korea in December 2014, attracting over millions of viewers and is currently the second highest-grossing film in the history of Korean cinema, overtaking “Avatar”.

The story started with the Korean War in 1950, where thousands of refugees fled to the Hungnam Port. The main character, Duk-soo lost his father and sister in the chaos and left with his other family to Busan. The responsibility of the family fell on his shoulder since that fateful day.

“Ode to My Father”
Director          : JK Youn
Casts              : Hwang Jung-min, Kim Yun Jin, Jung Yun-ho
Language      : Korean
Genre             : Drama
Screening     : 30 April 2015

Witnessing the Change of Era
Post-war, in the 1960s, Korea was hit with the economy crisis. To earn for his family, Duk-soo goes to Germany as a coal miner and met his wife Youngja there.

After enduring all the hardships in Germany, Duk-soo returns to Busan and begins to pursue his dream of becoming a navy captain; but fate intervenes once again and he is left with no choice but to head to war-torn Vietnam to cover his sister’s wedding expenses.

Upon his return, Duk-soo sets out on a final mission in the hopes of finding his father and youngest sister, who went missing in Hungnam over 30 years ago.

“Ode to My Father” starring the 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actor Hwang Jung-min and famous American Television Series “Lost” Korean Actress Kim Yun Jin, and featuring a cameo Jung Yun-ho from Korean idol group TVXQ.

The storyline revolves across 50 years of the main character, and the film had added in many computer-generated effects that assist the main actor to “time travel”, filming his life from his 20s to 70s.

A Tribute to Grandparents and Parents
While the movie is generally a heart-warming, touching story about love and family, the director has skilfully spun in humorous scenes, bringing the audience on an emotional roller coaster. This is a story of a responsible man, who kept his words to his father – to protect his family members at all cost.

JK Youn said he pledged to make a touching movie since the day he joined the film industry. He always felt sorry towards his father, who throughout that era of poverty and struggle always. He lived not for himself, but for his family.

He said it was sad that many young people today do not know the hardships of their ancestors. “Ode to My Father” is a film that clearly depict that generation, who fiercely survived their era and he would like to tribute it to that generation to thank them for all their sacrifices.

JK Youn lost his father in his university years; “Ode to My Father” is also a reflection of his own emotions, thus naming the main characters “Duk-soo” and “Youngja”, the real names of his parents.

The scenes are very close to reality and audience will be able to relate their parents to the characters, understanding how the older generation always put their family in front of themselves.

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