[Coverage] F1 2015 Post Race Concert in Sepang Malaysia (Featuring SNSD and SHINee)

[Coverage] F1 2015 Post Race Concert in Sepang Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur,April 2015 – Just a while ago, one of the most grand motorsports event in Malaysia, Formula 1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix™ was held in Sepang. ‘

Besides of having the heat from fast F1 racing, the event was graced by two of the most popular Korean groups, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and SHINEE as both of these groups took over the post-race stage and performed LIVE in Sepang!

Venue: Helipad, Sepang International Circuit
Date: 29th March 2015
Time: 4.30pm

Post Race Concert Heated Up The Event Even More! Malaysia Acts For The Kickstart!
As the great Formula 1 race has come to an end, the heat didn’t subside as there was a post-race concert that allowed the fans to party till night!

The post-race concert was kickstarted by Malaysia very own act, GT Experiment and Altimet which nonetheless performed very well on stage! It was then taken over by talented Korean DJ-producer, Hitchhiker which totally rocked the stage with his mixer!

SNSD! Bring The Boys Out!
Finally, Girls Generation (SNSD) took over the stage in pretty white dresses! They drove the SONEs crazy by singing “Mr Taxi” as their first song followed by “Genie” which made the fans’ dreams come true!

Most fans were waving the pink balloons “Finally You Are Back!” during SNSD’s performances! It’s been quite some time since we last see the girls performing LIVE in Malaysia!

After that, they sang “The Boys” which literally brought the boys out and screamed for their marvelous performance!

With only 7 of them performing this time (Jessica left the group while Yoona busy with her work and can’t attend), the girls still able to hype up the audiences with their vibrant performances!

The stage was then taken over by SHINee after SNSD performed three songs!

SHINEE last appearance in Malaysia was during Golden Disk Award 2013. All of the fans were screaming in joy as they saw the boys appeared on stage!

They sang and danced to their songs including Sherlock, Lucifer and Love Like Oxygen! All of the SHAWOLS can definitely feel their energy on stage!

Alternatively Performed On Stage! The Excitement Never Stopped!
SNSD and SHINee have been taking the stage alternatively and kept the crowd’s excitement level at the peak!

Apart from singing dance songs, SNSD have displayed their great vocals by performing Complete and Back hug! All of the fans can definitely feel the warmth and the “hugs” from their beloved girls! They also sang “I Got A Boy” on stage!

As SHINee took over the stage again, they performed “Why So Serious” and “Ring Ding Dong”! Their charisma on stage could really drive the fans high!

SNSD has also brought the fans down the memory lane as they performed one of their earliest and most well-known song, “Gee”! It was a nostalgic moment! They have also performed another of their great hit “Mr.Mr.”!

On the other hand, SHINee has also performed “Dream Girl” and “Beautiful” on stage!

Formula 1 Sepang 2015 this year is not just a great motorsport event! It was also one of the best event for Kpop fans this year as the post-race concert was really great and I do hope that this post-race Kpop sensation party can be made into an annual event!

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