[Local Entertainment] Precious 2015 New Song “直接问我” Music Video Premiere + Red Box “摄玩唱” Prize Giving Ceremony

[Local Announcement]  Precious 2015 New Song “直接问我” Music Video Premiere + Red Box “摄玩唱” Prize Giving Ceremony

Kuala Lumpur, January 2015- Since the announcement of the girl group, Precious since last year August (Read here: http://www.wljack.com/2014/08/local-entertainment-demi-keqing-girl.html), the group has received the support from Nikon and has also become Red Box Karaoke “Precious School Holiday Fun 假趣ambassador. The group has received quite a lot of media attention even before their first song has even been released yet.

A few days ago, Precious’s first music video 直接问我has been revealed to the media members. Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been invited to the music video premiere event.

Date: 25th January 2015
Time: 1pm
Venue: Red Box Karaoke @IOI Mall, Puchong

Red Box “摄玩唱” Prize Giving Ceremony!
Prior to the music video premiere, Precious has appeared at the venue to present the prizes to the winners of the Red Box “摄玩唱” Contest. The contest has allowed the consumers in Red Box to not only enjoy singing karaoke but also having the opportunity to win away latest Nikon camera. The contest has been carried out for two month time and has attracted the participation of hundreds of contestants.

Below are some photos of the winners for the contest:

直接问我” Music Video Premiere! Precious 2015 New Song!
From debut until now, some fans have been waiting eagerly for the songs from Precious. In this 2015, Precious has finally announced that their new song 直接问我and music video will be available through all Mandarin FM and online media on 2nd February 2015.

The main concept of the song is based on the current trend and lifestyle. A lot of the youngsters nowadays have been using social media a lot and even depend on social media to confess their feelings. The song is to encourage the people to ask or convey their feelings face to face with the people they like.

Dancing Music Video! KeQing Surprising Scene!
As a singing-dancing girl group, Precious music video of 直接问我will be featuring these four girls 可晴KeQing, Hera, Estee and 莹莹 in their unique dance. Besides, KeQing will be having a surprising scene in the video! Do look forward for the video which will be coming up on 2nd February 2015!

Directed by Director 严伟立!
The music video was directed by Director 严伟立 who has directed Google Promo Video before. Besides he has also directed Athena Beh’s Music Video “相信着and Taiwanese celebrity 王彩桦’s music video before. The music video was filmed at his own Café. In order to film the video, he even closed his shop for two days. The music video will be something different from previous Malaysia Mandopop Music Video.  

Media Interview (Spoiler)

After the music video was shown to us media members, we have had a short media interview session with the girls. In the music video, KeQing will be kissing the male model who is actually younger than him. Although he is quite handsome, she has hesitated at first because she felt weird in kissing a younger guy.

After that, there was a Lou Sang Session with the girls.

Well, I have watched the music video and I thought it is something quite fresh and new in Malaysia Mandopop scenes. Do hope all of you can give support and watch out for the release of the music video this 2nd February 2015!

Do support Malaysia Girl Group, Precious! :-)

For more info on Precious’s upcoming news, please check out:

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