[Coverage] 东主有喜 My Papa Rich Press Conference

[Coverage] 东主有喜 My Papa Rich Press Conference
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Kuala Lumpur, February 2015 – In conjunction with this festive season, Malaysia renowned director Ryon Lee is bringing us a new Chinese New Year movie titled “My Papa Rich东主有喜. A few days ago, a press conference and promo events have been held in Paradigm Mall and our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given a chance to do a coverage on the event.

Date: 12th February 2015
Time: 5.00pm
Venue: S.O.P Bar & Bistro, Boulevard (Level G), Paradigm Mall

Movie Introduction:

Yang has three children named De yi, Kai Xin and Kai Tai. All of them are always away from home. One day, a fortune teller predicted that his life is going to end soon. Thus, he felt very anxious as he afraid that he might not have much chance to meet his children anymore. Coincidentally, he bumped into his old friend Pokok who is apparently a very low profile millionaire. Knowing Yang’s worries, Pokok decided to let Yang became a one-month millionaire whereby the authority to use his property is given to Yang for that one whole month.

The news of Yang being rich has been spread quickly to others in the same town and eventually to his children. All of his children have evil intention to grab the financial support from their father. Without knowing the real truth behind, they thought Uncle Pokok is the “third party” in their father’s life. Yang who has always been a truthful guy faced difficulty to hide the truth away from his children.

How will this Rich Papa handle this kind of situation? Check it out in your nearest cinema this festive season.

Press Conference at Paradigm Mall!
Just a few days ago, a press conference for the movie has been held at Paradigm Mall and the casts including 王雷、梁志强、January苏湘庭、Teddy陈立谦、邓绣金、庄雪梅、王竣、李承运 have attended the press conference to share with the media regarding the movie.

North Has Ryon Lee, South Has Jack Neo! Will there be a “North-South Highway” soon?

The movie is a great collaboration between famous directors in South East Asia. From Malaysia we have Ryon Lee who is directing the movie, while Jack Neo the famous director from Singapore acted as one of the main cast in this movie. The emcee said that “North Has Ryon Lee, South has Jack Neo”. When asked on whether both of them will have another collaboration again in the future whereby both of them become co-directors for a film, both of them mentioned that they surely do look forward for such an opportunity in the future if time allows them to.

“Brokeback Mountain” element in the scene? 王雷 admitted that he felt awkward for that scene!
In the movie, there are scenes which were quite gayish depicting the closeness of the friendship between Yang (played by 王雷) and Pokok (played by Jack Neo). 王雷 said that Jack Neo was his 伯乐 (someone who discovered him in his field and brought him up). Thus, he felt awkward to film such a scene with Jack Neo.

庄雪梅 Exposed Secret about 何宇恒 during the filming process!

During the press conference, 庄雪梅 shared regarding her role as one of the children in the movie. In the movie何宇恒 plays the role as her husband. There was a scene whereby庄雪梅 has a conversation with何宇恒 on bed. She said that 何宇恒has a funny expression during that bed scene. However, the scene was edited and cut off in the final product.

Teddy’s Dream Came True!

Teddy who was also present at the press conference admitted that he has always wanted to cooperate with his dream girl January So. This time, Ryon has made his dream came true by inviting January to become his love interest in the movie. However, Ryon Lee said that Teddy is actually a very shy type of guy. He was very shy and took some time to dare himself in filming the kissing scene with Januray.

January also said that she enjoyed taking part in the movie very much. She said that she has thrown away her usual image and hopefully can leave a good impression for the audiences. She doesn’t want to be treated as a “花瓶”in a movie.

Kim邓绣金 given a nickname as “Malaysian Cholam”!
Kim has left a strong impression to the movie goers via her performance in Seventh directed by Ryon Lee. She has been named as the Malaysian version Cholam. This time around, she has the opportunity to show off her comedic skills. She said that she has learnt a lot of new things in this movie such as breathing out fire. Do check out her funny performance in this movie!

Alvin王竣 and 李承运 scenes been cut off after final editing!

Alvin王竣&李承运 have been quite hilarious during the press conference. They jokingly sulked because many of their scenes in the movie were cut off after the final editing.

Apart from that, KeQing可晴 & 988 May also appeared as cameo appearance in the movie. They are playing roles which are totally unexpected from them.

Either way, the movie is already available in nationwide theatre. Do check it out during this festive season!

Took a photo with Jack Neo after the press conference!

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