[Coverage] Astro On Demand “My Spiritual Ex-Lover”《倩女喜相逢》Promo Event (Featuring薛家燕、萧正楠、麦长青、梁烈唯 & 滕丽明)

[Coverage] Astro On Demand “My Spiritual Ex-Lover”《倩女喜相逢》Promo Event (Featuring薛家燕、萧正楠、麦长青、梁烈唯 & 滕丽明)

Kuala Lumpur, February 2015 – In conjunction to the festive season of Chinese New Year, Astro On Demand will be showing TVB “My Spiritual Ex-Lover”《倩女喜相逢》 starting from 9th February 2015 onwards.

Just a few days ago, the 5 main actors and actresses from the drama including Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Edwin Siu, Evergreen Mak and Oscar Leung (薛家燕、萧郑楠、麦长青、梁烈唯&滕丽明) has come over to Malaysia on 3rd February 2015 to promote their new drama as well as having an early “Bai Nian” with Malaysian TVB fans.

Our team has been given a chance to do a coverage on the Press Conference and On-ground activity of the event.

Date: 3rd February 2015
Time: 1pm
Venue: Paradigm Mall

Press Conference of “My Spiritual Ex-Lover”《倩女喜相逢》in Malaysia!

Prior to the on-ground activity, a media press conference was held in Malaysia. All of the 5 casts have interacted with the media friendlily and shared some of their experience during the filming of the drama.

Appeared In Their Traditional Costumes! First Time Ever In Malaysia!
This is the first time ever for a TVB Promo in Malaysia to feature the casts in their drama costumes. In this case, the 5 cast members wore their respective traditional costumes from the drama itself. Their costumes are really nice and this is something really respectable because it is really difficult for them to walk around with these costumes on.

During their media press conference, they have already hinted that they would be performing some dancing and singing on stage during their on-ground events later.

Regarding the drama: Many Animations!
According to the veteran actress Nancy Sit, this drama will have a lot of CGI animations of various animals. Her character in the drama would be the one transforming into all these animals. Thus, one of her few challenges in the drama was to provide her voice for these animations.

Oscar Leung added that Nancy will be “floating” a lot in the drama due to her spiritual character. Throughout the press conference, Oscar Leung kept on creating the sound effect in which will be played in the drama very frequently whenever Nancy’s character appears.

Most memorable moment: Nancy Sit Crawling Out From a Narrow Space!
One of their most memorable moment was when Nancy was involved in a scene which requires her to crawl out from a narrow space. It is a very difficult situation but it will be a memorable scene for the audience. Do watch out for that scene when the drama is aired!

Other Cast Shared More Regarding Their Characters!
Edwin will be playing a scholar Ning who have saved Xiu Xin (played by Nancy Sit) once. That’s what led to Xiu Xin wandering around Ning’s home whereby she wanted to repay her gratitude to Ning.

Evergreen Mak will be playing the big brother for Edwin in the drama. His character is someone who is calculative and always dream of doing big business. On the other hand, Oscar Leung be playing second brother for Edwin in the drama. He plays a husband who is always bullied by his wife (played by Joyce Tang) although he knows martial arts. His character is an illiterate.

Evergreen Mak “Tricked” Prior to taking up the role!
Evergreen Mak said that prior to the filming, he was convinced that he would not be doing much action stunts in the show. He was also informed that he would have a body-to-body contact with Angela Tong. However, he felt “tricked” when Angela Tong actually plays the role of a spirit who always go into his body and do all the action during the film as Evergreen’s character.

Media Q&A Session:

How Does Nancy Feel Regarding Her Role As Xiu Xin?
She said that it’s her first time playing someone who is that “young” (Xiu Xin thought that she is only 16 years old and thus behaving like a 16 years old girl). However, she is confident that her playing that role would provide joy to the audiences because the other casts have hold their laughs when they saw her playing this role.

Any Kiss Scene Between Nancy And Edwin?
In reference to the classic Cantonese Movie, “A Chinese Ghost Story”, Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong kissed a lot in that movie, thus a media member has raised a question on whether there is any kissing scene between Edwin and Nancy in this drama.

They responded that they wished to have a kiss scene with each other. (jokingly) Nancy added that there is a sudden news regarding 翠如BB during that time (News of Edwin Siu dating Priscilla Wong) so she cancelled off the thoughts.

Either way, Nancy still contributed her first on-screen kiss during the drama after so many years of being in the entertainment industry.

On Ground Coverage! Filled With Chinese New Year Atmosphere!

During the on-ground activity, there were many fans waiting for their appearances on stage. Without much delay, they came on stage and received a lot of screams and cheers from the fans.

During the on-ground activities, they have told the audiences more regarding the drama. After that, they have had a few rounds of interaction sessions with the lucky fans.

Besides having a close-up and personal interaction with the fans, they also sang on stage as hinted during the press conference. They sang the theme song for the drama as well as a Chinese New Year song, 祝福你”! 

During the singing performances, the casts follow the lead by Nancy Sit doing her significant 十字步 dance steps.

After that, they had an autograph session for the lucky fans.

Let's watch their Live Performance here:

[Performance]《倩女喜相逢》主题曲 - 報恩 (薛家燕、萧正楠、麦长青) 

[Performance]《倩女喜相逢》“祝福你“ 薛家燕、萧正楠、麦长青、梁烈唯 & 滕丽明 

More Introduction regarding the drama
《倩女喜相逢》revolves around the story of a spirit (played by Nancy Sit) who wants to repay her gratitude to poor scholar Ning (played by Edwin Siu), thus wandering around Ning’s house. Eventually, she realizes that Ning’s family has a lot of problem. She wanted to help solve the problem however ended up complicating their problems even more. The drama is a comedy drama with a lot of laughter. It is a drama which is fitting for Chinese New Year.

The drama will be aired starting from 9th February 2015 onwards, every Monday Till Friday, 9.30pm via Astro On Demand HD (CH 350) and Astro On Demand (CH 361 – 364).

Let’s celebrate our Chinese New Year this year by watching the drama together!

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