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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

[Upcoming Event] Astro A Fantasy Journey Children Musical “孩子王奇幻之旅” 歌舞剧

[Upcoming Event]  Astro A Fantasy Journey Children Musical “孩子王奇幻之旅歌舞
Astro小太阳2015 Special! A Children Musical Show!

Kuala Lumpur, December 2014 - Astro小太阳 will be organizing a children musical show that will feature talents from 小太阳选秀比赛孩子王 as well as a few本地圈艺人! The musical show will be titled as “A Fantasy Journey Children Musical”《孩子王奇幻之旅》!

Date: 18th January 2015
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Theatre KuAsh, Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainun

Led by Danny许佳麟、翁莹莹、赵洁莹、Ron彭世豪、Elaine李宜玲、Nicholas龚健华六位本地圈艺人 and performance by 30 children, this musical is a show that is suitable for audiences from all different categories. Besides providing joy and entertainment, it is going to be an educational event.

This musical has included many experienced crews in the production and will be using a lot of special effects that could create refreshing and top notch scenes for the audiences. The children will be dressed in costumes of different animals and will be having group dancing performances on stage.

Promo Tour At Paradigm Mall!
Just a few days ago, the main casts of the musical show have had a promo event at Paradigm Mall and introduced to the public more regarding the musical show as well as the characters in it.

Danny许佳麟 has received many cheers from the crowd which consisted of children. He has been leading the crowd during the promo event while Emily Poon from MyFM is the emcee of the promo event.

Each 本地圈艺人 plays a role as 村长 (head of villager).   赵洁莹 will be playing the role of 才艺村村长, Ron 彭世豪 as 跳舞村长, 龚健华 as Drama村长, 李宜玲 as 唱歌村长 while 翁莹莹 as 欢乐岛酋长 assistant.

In conjunction with Astro小太阳 8th anniversary, this musical production costs up to RM 100,000, but it is going to be FREE (with ticket admission) for the public in order to repay the support by the audiences all this while.

The ticket redemption is based on first come first served basis. Just answer a very simple question along with your basic profile information to astroxty@gmail.com and you could redeem the tickets. Each person is limited to redeem maximum of 4 tickets.

Ways to redeem ticket
1.    Answer this:我喜欢孩子王因为____(State the reason you like孩子王)________
2.    State down the quantity of tickets you want to redeem
3.    Send the answer and following info to astroxty@gmail.com
4.    Email subject “孩子王歌舞剧
5.    Please state down parents and children name (in English/Chinese), IC number, address and contact number.
6.    Maximum 4 tickets per person.
7.    Successful redemption will be confirmed through email.
8.    Collect the ticket at the counter at the venue during the event
9.    First come first served basis
10.   Information must be complete
11.   The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry. Terms and condition applied.

Terms and conditions
1.   Open to public Malaysians who are 4 years old and above
2.   Children who are below 3 years old are not allowed for admission
3.   Each ticket is for one person
4.   No food, beverage, photography or recording are permitted inside the venue unless otherwise stated by the ORGANIZER.  

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