[Nuffnang] Laugh Malaysia Blogger Gathering/ World Mental Health Day

[Nuffnang] Laugh Malaysia Blogger Gathering/ World Mental Health Day

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014 – It was a pleasant afternoon on last Sunday whereby I was invited by NUFFNANG to take part in a blogger gathering titled as, “Laugh Malaysia Blogger Gathering”. Apart from being just a blogger gathering, it was also held in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. The event was also graced by the presence of Malaysian God-Father Of Comedy, Harith Iskander!

In addition, we also have the chance to enjoy a great cup of coffee at the wonderful Expressolab Sunway Damansara!

Laugh Malaysia Blogger Gathering
Venue: Expressolab Sunway Damansara
11th October 2014 (Saturday)
3PM - 5.30PM

Laugh Malaysia, Malaysia Largest Comedy Gig led by Harith Iskander!

Malaysia Largest comedy gig is happening on this 29th October 2014 at Bukit Jalil Stadium, featuring Harith Iskander. During the blogger gathering, Harith has interacted with us and shared with us more regarding this upcoming event!

He told us that the event is aiming to attract over 9000 audiences and currently they have already sold more than 3000 tickets. Harith will be inviting one of the India’s most influential comedians, Papa CJ as well as Malaysian comedian Dr. Jason Leong as his special guests!

It is going to be the greatest stand-up comedy show in Malaysia by a Malaysian.

To Laugh Together Under One Umbrella!
Responding to the emcee’s question, Harith replied that the umbrella in his poster symbolizes us Malaysian, coming together under one roof, laugh together as Malaysian, about Malaysia in Malaysia!

Harith said that the main reason for him to have this show is to unite all of the Malaysians with laughter after going through the unbelievable amount of disparity and tragedy that has befallen Malaysia this year.

Of course, the umbrella also represented the kind-hearted Malaysian corporations that have stepped up to support this event under the LAUGH MALAYSIA Umbrella namely Celcom First, Sime Darby Foundation, Seremban 2, MTT Priority & Evian.

Dr.Jason Leong’s Story About His Past!
Besides having Harith Iskander at the gathering, the special guest for the show, Dr.Jason Leong was also present at the venue that day! Prior to his speech, he complimented that some of the bloggers look like supermodels to him and he was surprised.

Then, he has shared with us a little bit about his story in the past.
“8 years ago, I took my girlfriend to a comedy show by Harith Iskander in KLPac. I was able to get the tickets at student’s price. The show was very memorable and the date went well. Now I am married to the girl I dated that time. It’s a great honor for me to be the opening act for Harith Iskander.” said Dr. Jason Leong as he explained why it’s a dream comes true for him to take part in Harith Iskander’s show.

Being a real doctor, he seldom talk jokes to his patients because the patients are already very depressed and this could make the situation worse. However, he did bring his medical job into his comedy as many of his stories as a medical student and doctor are very good experiences and materials to be shared with the others.

Bloggers Q&A Sessions!
The bloggers were also given an opportunity to ask Harith Iskander directly regarding their burning questions about the upcoming event.

KY from KYspeaks have asked a question on whether Harith will be using new or old materials in his show. Harith replied that most of the jokes are new materials. Besides, Harith also added that it’s very often for stand-up comedian to come up with spontaneous jokes as well. Either way, the basic idea for the materials in this show would be about Malaysia.

Besides, Leonard from An Honest Mistakes also voiced out a question to Harith. Harith responded that nowadays whenever people saw him, he would be greeted by the nickname of “CSI” (due to his prominent comedy act which went viral on youtube). He said that he probably won’t be doing the similar joke in his upcoming show as those old jokes have already been uploaded to the internet.

Another question asked was regarding any age restriction for the show. Currently, there is none but Harith advised that the parents shouldn’t bring kids who are too young to the show because a crowded venue like that is not suitable for young kids. Furthermore, the very young kids might not be able to understand the jokes too. Teenagers and adults are welcomed to join the fun!

Charity Through Laughter!
Besides, part of the profits from the ticket sales of Harith Iskander “To Know Malaysia is to, Laugh, Malaysia” will be directed to OrphanCARE, a charitable NGO which strives to provide homes to the abandoned children.

The common scenario in an orphanage would be a few caretaker handling 40-50 children. OrphanCARE is aiming to seek homes for the abandoned children so that they could have more attention from a family that they deserved.

Impromptu Joke By Harith & Dr.Jason Leong!
Of course, both of them have demonstrated their spontaneity and eloquence in impromptu jokes during the gathering! Harith joked regarding the difference of culture between Malaysia and foreign country whereby four letter words with the initial “F” are so common to be used by the foreign people.

Dr.Jason Leong joked about the difference between Australia and Malaysia. Well, all of the bloggers enjoyed their jokes and laughed out loud!

World Mental Health Day!
Besides giving us a chance to mingle with Harith Iskander, the event also aim to commemorate World Mental Health Day (officially designated as Oct 10 annually) especially in light of Robbie Williams suicide.

World Mental Health Day aims to create an atmosphere whereby people, whether plagued by normal sadness or depression, can be alleviated with being around people the they cherish. It also intends to create a positive, vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter to draw them away from depression and suicidal ideation.

Through this event, we get to know more about the life of Harith, as the role model and God-Father Of Malaysian Stand-up comedy who always make the people around him happy!

My Short Video Coverage On “Laugh Malaysia Blogger Gathering”

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC5aUTTSwOA

Shout-out Video By Harith Iskander

More info regarding Harith Iskander’s show is as stated below:

Harith Iskander “To Know Malaysia Is To “Laugh, Malaysia!””
Date: 29th October 2014 (Wednesday)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Ticket Prices: RM 258, RM 158, RM 118, RM 78 and RM 38
(Excludes RM 3.00 processing fee)
Red Tix Hotline: 03-87754666 or www.AirAsiaRedTix.com

It was really a great gathering. Million thanks to Nuffnang for the opportunity to take part in such a meaningful event.

Of course, I totally enjoyed the MELBOURNE ICED COFFEE which was recommended by Isaac Tan from Isaactan.net.

And I get a chance to take a selfie photo with Harith Iskander and Dr.Jason Leong too!

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Dr Jack Chan Wah Loong is the Head Of Medical Department and Internal Medicine Specialist in his current Hospital. Apart from medical related works, he is also a blogger, journalist and photographer since the year of 2008. He is also the chief editor for wljack.com, a website with a dedicated team of journalists that write coverage on Malaysia events and happenings since 2013.

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