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Saturday, 25 October 2014

[Kpop Entertainment] Ailee Singing Ariana Grande's "Break Free"

[Kpop Entertainment] Ailee Singing Ariana Grande's "Break Free"

Photo from Ailee's instagram

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014- Just about an hour ago, Ailee has uploaded a video of herself singing Ariana Grande's "Break Free" on her instagram

Ailee singing Break Free
Screen Cap from her instagram video
Her voice is really good and I think everyone should check it out via her instagram, or you can view the video via the link below:

Ailee singing Ariana Grande's "Break Free": http://instagram.com/p/uk1f6yu6pj/

What do you think of her version of "Break Free"? Yay or nay? It's definitely a "yay" for me but I really wish to hear her singing a Full Cover of "Break Free" someday! 

You know? I have this wild idea and wonder will there ever possible to be a day for both of them, Ailee & Ariana Grande to collaborate? If yes, it would be awesome, because both of them have amazing vocals and it would be really cool to see such collaboration!

Do you love Ailee? If yes, do follow her at her instagram:

Coverage of a few happenings in Malaysia will be up in my website very soon. Stay tuned! 

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