[Coverage + Press Conference] “The Scavenger” 千门八将, ntv7 brand new local Chinese drama!

[Coverage + Press Conference] “The Scavenger” 千门八将, ntv7 brand new local Chinese drama!
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Kuala Lumpur, October 2014- Following the end of the drama “Daddy Dearest”, ntv7 will be having a brand new local Chinese drama titled “The Scavenger” 千门八将 to be aired from 8th October 2014 onwards, every Monday till Thursday, 9.30pm.

Using conning tricks as the main theme, “The Scavenger” is a drama with 25 episodes. The drama will be featuring characters with wise personalities and complemented with well-written human nature related dialogues. 

The cast members include Kyo 庄仲維, Karena Teo 张惠虹, Jeffrey Cheng 庄惟翔
Fabian吕志勤,  Ruby Yap狄妃,  Jordan 温绍平, Ong Ai Leng王爱玲, Rabbit Chen陈沛兴, Michael Chin陈逸豪, 陈旻伟 and Tommy Kuan关东珉 . The cast members will be utilizing mind-reading and human psychology knowledge as the foundation for tricking the others.

Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com  was given a chance to do a coverage on the press conference held a few days ago.

Jordan Felt Great To Work With The Other Veteran Actors! He was Ai Leng’s Idol In The Past!

One of the main casts in this upcoming drama is Jordan Voon温绍平.  He stated that he felt very honored to be able to work together with the other veteran artistes such as Rabbit Chen 陈沛兴 because it’s been quite some time since the last time they cooperated together.

On the other hand, Ong Ai Leng王爱玲 who would be having some chemistry with Jordan’s character in this drama revealed that he used to be her idol when she was young. She remembered how excited she was when she first saw Jordan in real person during the time when she was not an artiste yet. In a few scenes in the drama, she felt that the feeling of meeting the idol was back again.

Who Dozed Off The Most During Filming?
Due to the filming time which usually takes place till late, most of the cast members have to bear with the tiredness in order to complete their acting parts. During the press conference, everyone pointed Tommy for being the one who slept the most easily. They said that it was a funny moment as sometimes they could suddenly hear snoring noise in the set and it was from Tommy.

Tommy关东珉  then explained the reason behind it was because his usual routine of sleeping early and waking up early. The filming time was totally different from his usual lifestyle and thus he fell asleep easily. He also said that the other cast members around gave him a nickname Garfield.

On the other hand, everyone agreed that Jeffrey庄惟翔was the most enduring one amongst all of them. He didn’t doze off at all throughout the filming except during the very last day of the work.

Ruby 狄妃 Loves Racing! Michael Chin陈逸豪 Got Injured During Filming!
Ruby狄妃 stated that she was excited to able to participate in a driving scene whereby she has to race with Michael’s character. Although the car she was driving was not really a real racing car, she really enjoyed that moment very much.

Michael Chin陈逸豪 on the other hand revealed that Karena Teoh 张惠虹 will be having a pole dancing scene in the drama. He said that Karena looked very different and attractive during that scene. Apart from that, he also said that he has slipped over and fell down accidentally during the filming of the drama. He has an injury and he can still remember the numbness he felt over his backbone due to the fall.

Kyo Learnt magic from friends! Additional Sound Effects!
In the drama, Kyo庄仲維 is playing the role as a magician and illusionist. To assist himself in playing that role, he has learnt some real illusionist skill from his friend. He even demonstrated a street magic to all of the media members during the end of the press conference.

Karena suddenly recalled the time when Kyo was filming. She said that he likes to create a lot of additional sound effect during filming. For example, he created “poof…poof..” sound during the scene when he was proposing to Karena. He would also create “psshh..pshh…dushhh” sound when he was in action scenes. Kyo said that Bruce Lee used to do it too but he admitted humbly that maybe his skill in producing additional voice effect was not up to Bruce Lee’s level yet.

Karena Nervous For Kissing Scene! Jeffrey the food hunter!
During the scene with Kyo, Karena was very nervous and she was rubbing her hands before the kissing scene. In order to ease the scenario, she has turned on the radio and listened for a while. Until a song titled “Make your love” was played, she then only has the build-up feeling to proceed with the scene.

However, not all of her kissing scene was as pleasant as that romantic ones above. She has a scene which left her unforgettable moment during the shooting. It was the scene with Jeffrey. As he was about to kiss her, she suddenly smelled “petai” breath from his mouth. It was revealed that Jeffrey ate petai before the scene and he said that he didn’t do that purposely because that scene was added last minute by the director.

In another occasion, Jeffrey brought durian to the set and he also claimed it as just a coincidence. Either way, the other casts members praises Jeffrey too for being a great food hunter. At every film location, he was usually the one who will be leading and introducing the local good food for them. He told cast members that every artiste has a “quota” in eating, so why not eat good when you can only eat very little.

Pole Dancing! Karena, was actually the third party for Kyo and Jeffrey?
For this drama, Karena was asked by the director to perform pole dancing for a scene. She didn’t have any prior skills before this so she has to seek for a tutor to train her for it. The pole dancing scene will be appearing in the early episodes of the show, she hopes that the audiences will not miss the scene.

In addition, Karena also said that her character felt like a third-party for Jeffrey and Kyo because there was some scenes whereby Jeffrey and Kyo got very close and it’s almost as if they were in a relationship. The main reason for the closeness of that scene is because the director was trying to bring up the brotherly love between the two of them.

The press conference ended with a magic performance by Kyo, there was some hilarious moment during that demonstration, watch it below:

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