[Blogging] An Escapade @ Code Factory!! #CracktheCode Challenge!

[Blogging] An Escapade @ Code Factory!!  #CracktheCode Challenge!

Kuala Lumpur, October 2014 – It was a pleasant Saturday morning last week filled with excitement as I took up the challenge at “Code Factory” located in Jaya Shopping Centre! Let me share with you some of my personal experience during the games at Code Factory!

Title:   The Code Factory Challenge
Date:   Saturday, 27th September 2014
Time:   11.00am till 1.00pm
Location:  Code Factory Lot 2-05 & 06A, Second Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre,  Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 

What Is Code Factory?
First of all, I would like to let you all know more regarding Code Factory. Code Factory is consists of a dedicated team who designs and creates puzzles rooms for people who love to take up challenging fun! It currently consists of 4 rooms with a variety of themes, experience, creative puzzles and quizzes. All of these games are unique and extraordinary.

The “Stylo Mylo” Team consisting of Barbarians!
The events have invited bloggers, escape games experts and even youtubers!  It was a fun gathering for all of us and we get to know each other more through the event!

Prior to our games, we have to draw lots to decide our team members. I have got the “Barbarian” team and was grouped with bloggers including my friend Marc (http://www.marcsjy.com/ ) as well as newly met friends such as Vania (http://instagram.com/vaniamania ), Bro Framestone (http://www.broframestone.com/), Namee Roslan (http://nameeroslan.blogspot.com/) and Vicky Bobo (http://www.vickybobo.net/).

Our team, "Stylo Mylo"
Me and Marc (http://www.marcsjy.com/ ) 

Me and Bro Framestone (http://www.broframestone.com/)

Me and Namee Roslan (http://nameeroslan.blogspot.com/

Me and Vania (http://instagram.com/vaniamania )
Inspired by the T-shirt I wore, “Stylo Mylo” was used as the title for our banner! And yeah, here we go, the Barbarians who are Stylo Mylo were ready to take up the challenge!

50 Minutes As A Great Inspector!
Our mission is to challenge the room “Operation 174”! Here’s the brief introduction of “Operation 174”:
“You and your friends were given a mission code name “Operation 174” to stop the virus to be release by notorious killer Mr X .The objective is to infiltrated Mr X stronghold and do what it takes to stop the virus being release before the timer runs out ????    ”

Well, it was really a challenging game as it required a lot of teamwork. We were stuck in the first room for a long time because we failed to communicate with our separated members for certain clues and we had to use all the hints to get through the first room.

The game requires a lot of observation and critical thinking as most of the clues were scattered at insignificant spots. All of us were struggling to seek for clues there.  The last room was the most memorable ones as it involved some skills in a certain mini-games! There’s a catch in the last room though, we would “die” and lose the game if we didn’t play the mini-games in a correct manner.

Eventually, we managed to survive the game room…with extended time…special only during that event! Lucky us!

Well, all I can say is, the 50 minutes+ in “The Operation 174” made us felt like being a real inspector and it has pushed our brain to its limits. Heard from the staffs that it was used to be the toughest room there but currently the toughest one is “Burn Out” which was challenged by Ernest’s team ( the comic blogger of the Popular Best-seller, “Bro, don't like that la, bro” http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com )

Either way, here’s my review score for “The Operation 174”:
Difficulty Level:

4.0/ 5.0 stars

Despite having to extend our times, we were still provided with certificates by the wonderful organizer. Thanks a lot!

Of course, a few of us still felt like challenging ourselves for a second game. The organizer was generous enough to let us take up the second game of our own choice. So, we felt like trying out “Lost” for the thrill of it!

The team for our second game in "Lost"!

Joining the “Lost” game were me, Marc, Vania, Bro Framestone and our new member Wilee Tee (http://wileetee.com/).

Scary Atmosphere But Great Fun!
This time around, we were brought in into a creepier and scarier atmosphere. Prior to our game, the story of the game room was told and it sounded like this:
“- Chased by Notorious killer Mr X - Running Aimlessly, you found yourself lost in the woods and stumble upon a wooden house - Decide to seek help from the occupant in that wooden house - Will you find help or something else?    “ 

It was a really dark room and it really felt as though we were in the woods due to the delicately crafted environments! The mood was amplified even more with background noises such as the wolf’s howl!

Overall, the puzzles and quizzes were much simpler than the ones in “The Operation 174”. But without any doubts, it has created some mind-cracking moments for all of us. Besides, it has some surprising moments in it that have startled us! I am not revealing it here though, if you want to know what’s awaiting inside, let’s go find out at Code Factory in Jaya Shopping Centre!

We were managed to escape from the room “Lost” within 40+ minutes! Although it was just a small success, but it felt really great!

My review score for “Lost”:
Difficulty Level:

3.0/5.0 stars

Overall, it was really a fun day at Code Factory! We were glad to be able to try out these two rooms. There are another two rooms though and I am hoping to try it out again next time!

Here are the details of the other two rooms:

“There was a loud scream coming from Class 1A-2B as you and your friends enter the room , you notice a student been murdered , traces of evidence left by notorious killer Mr. X were found in Class 1A-2B. You and your friends will need to seek the evidences from the room before Mr. X realised what you are up to and have you murdered too.     “


“You and your friends were watching TV in the apartment when suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Fire was detected on the floor above you, while you saw a shadow that resembles the notorious killer Mr. X you saw in TV just now running down the corridor. Escape from the apartment before getting burned by the flames.”

Here’s our last group photo during the event!
Our last group photo! All of us were winners! 
Me and one of the co-founder of Code Factory, Barry!
Who's behind there? 

For more info about Code Factory, please visit:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Codefactory_My
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/codefactory.com.my
Website: http://www.codefactory.com.my/index.php  

Code Factory
Location:  Code Factory Lot 2-05 & 06A, Second Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre,  Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
Prices: (Fees are based on per-person per-game)
Mon-Fri (10am – 5pm) : RM 32
Mon- Fri (5pm – 10pm): RM 36
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday: RM 36

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