[Press Conference] Shila Amzah & N.D Lala’s Clarification On The Controversial Issue Post-Concert In Malaysia!

[Press Conference] Shila Amzah & N.D Lala’s Clarification On The Controversial Issue Post-Concert In Malaysia!

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – Still remember my coverage on the concert of Shila Amzah? It was a really great concert with top-notch performances by Shila Amzah.

Post-concert, it has received many different remarks based on different perspective of views.

After the event, an Instagram account of Shila Amzah’s fans has come out with a questions that has ignited the heat amongst certain media members. Since then, certain media members have put the focus onto that issue and started flaming Shila Amzah in many ways, many aspects and many articles.

After 9 days of waiting for Shila’s response, Shila and her father N.D. Lala has finally organized a press conference to clarify about the chronology of events that have sparked up the controversial issue on her.

Shila’s father N.D.Lala listed out the chronology of events!
The press conference began with N.D. Lala giving a powerpoint presentation of how everything started. The issue originated from a fans’ questions in regards on why only certain media members that did coverage on Shila Amzah’s concert while there is no news at all in certain media platforms. Shila has reposted the fan’s status and many things followed after that.

In overall, he has explained why all of these “Fakta” (Facts) reported by certain media agencies were actually “Fitnah”. (Accusation)

The chronology shown was something like this:
  • Fans account posted regarding about media coverage
  • Shila reposted it
  • Sparked up the anger amongst certain media members
  • Some media reported the status as being posted by Shila herself instead of her fans
  • Then, even more topics were brought up.
  • Many other parties such as artistes and prominent figures were asked regarding Shila’s issues
  • Certain media members even contacted Shila’s mother personally in a not-so-friendly way
  • Certain media members claimed her concert to be sponsored by country’s largest gambling corporation

Shila Amzah Appeared For the Q&A Session After Her Father’s Explaination!
Shila Amzah has also appeared during the press conference in Mega Music World to respond to the media members personally. She was obviously upset by the issues that have started over the course of 9 days.

In regards with the status posted by the fans account, she said that when she read the post, she felt that it was just a question asked by a concerned fan. It was just a question of which she too have wondered about.

“I felt that it makes sense, so I reposted it.” Said Shila Amzah. She said that she never expected it to be such a big deal as many artistes have reposted their fans’ statuses before too.

Shila has always been labelled as being “mentah” (immature) in entertainment industry due to her age. However, she has explained while her age might be “mentah” but her involvement in entertainment industry is nearly 14 years now. As someone young, she admitted that she should apologize if her action has upset some reporters. But she said that some reporters’ claims and statements were unacceptable and she felt that the writers were immature to write about her without knowing her better in person.

In response to certain media member’s claim on her concert being sponsored by country’s gambling corporation, “The statement has hurt my reputation as a Muslim.”

“I am carrying Malaysia’s name everywhere I go and I did this sincerely.”

“I felt very sad to see my mother crying.” She felt that those with a family would understand her feelings on how the issues have affected her family members. In response to those writer, Shila mentioned, “If you can’t write something nice, you better not write anything about me at all.”

Besides Shila and her father, a representative from Mega Ultimate, Eric has also been invited to speak during the press conference in regards to certain media members’ claims that they were not invited to cover the event.

The representative has explained that he has e-mailed and called each media platforms prior to the concert to confirm the attendance to cover the event. He has even showed the media members on the emails which he have sent invitation to. Within the list, it has included emails of certain media platforms which claimed to be “begging for invitation” and “not invited to cover the events” in their articles. The email was sent out a few days before the concert.

Everything written above were based on what happened during the press conference and none of them were from my own judgement.

Now, it’s a personal notes. In my opinion, Shila Amzah is a very talented singer who has without any doubts brought our countries reputation up in international level especially in China. I hope the tension between her and local media members could be cleared off soon. Peace.

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