[Performing Arts Coverage] Merdeka Concert by the klpac String Ensemble

[Performing Arts Coverage] Merdeka Concert by the klpac String Ensemble

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – Last week, our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com were given a chance to do a coverage on “Merdeka Concert by the klpac String Ensemble” . The klpac String Ensemble’s concert is one in a regular series of concerts held by the talented group of young musicians. It was really a pleasant afternoon watching the concert LIVE at Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

Date: 31st August 2014
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

It’s All About Strings! Unique rendition of pieces!
The whole concert was consisted of bowed string instruments. The talented musicians have presented to the audiences their own unique renditions of contemporary pieces which has amazed the audiences! They have presented it in a way that it is not just entertaining the serious music listener but also for the casual listener as well.

Plus, they have also shown us how bowed strings instruments could perform music which was usually done by other instruments! It was really brilliant!

Celebration of classical pieces! Diverse Range of Music!
All of the music featured in the concert was classical pieces. The Merdeka Concert has allowed the audiences to enjoy music ranging from classical favourites, folk music to tunes of musical show which can be easily recognizable by music listener.

It’s a great revisiting to the classical music which has always been there in our memories but was rarely able to be listened elsewhere.

Educating People With Music!
The Merdeka Concert has also featured a series of repertoire which were chosen for educational needs. The band has performed all four movements from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Natchmusik by Mozart together with Strauss three-act operetta of revenge, seduction and mistaken identity, Die Fledermaus and Edvard Grieg’s dramatic Piano Concerto in A minor.

All of these symphonies have their own stories told in folklores and also inspired by personal experience of the musicians. All of these have educated the members of the floor more regarding good music. Nonetheless, audiences with or without musical knowledge would probably able to relate these pieces very well.

A great way to celebrate Merdeka with great music!
Besides having the band performing on stage, the background setting was rather simple but patriotic s because “Jalur Gemilang” flags have been featured as the backdrop in conjunction to our Independence Day!

It was surely delightful to celebrate our Merdeka day with great music. I do hope that this concert would be held again next year for Merdeka day and hopefully more and more people would attend it to appreciate good music!

Below are the list of pieces played during the concert:
  1. Butterfly lovers Violin Concerto, 4th Movement, by Chen Gang & He Zhan Hao
  2. Fugue in G Minor, BWV578, By J.S Bach, Rearranged by J. Yuzuriha
  3. I Could Have Danced All Night, From My Fair Lady, By Frederick Loewe, Rearranged by T. Ota
  4. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525, Allegro, Romanze, Menuetto, Rondo, By W. A. Mozart
  5. Symphony No.40 in G minor, KV.550, 1St Movement, By W. A. Mozart, Rearrange by Jeff Manookian
  6. Symphony No. 1 in C minor, 4th movement, by Johannes Brahms, Rearranged by Jeff Manookian
  7. Piano Concerto in A Minor, by Edvard Grieg, Rearrange by Jeff Manookian
  8. Cello Concerto in B minor, 1st Movement, by Antonin Dvorak, Rearranged by Jeff Manookian
  9. Die Fledermaus Overture, By Johann Strauss II, Rearranged by Jeff Manookian
  10. The Marriage of Figaro Overture, By W. A. Mozart, Rearranged by Jeff Manookian
  11. In The Hall Of The Mountain King, From Peer Gynt, Edward Grieg, Rearrange by Jeff Manookian
  12. Liebestraum No.3, By Franz Liszt, Rearrange by Jeff Manookian
  13. The Promise of the World: The Merry-Go-Round of Life, From Howl's Moving Castle, by Youmi Kimura, Joe Hisaishi

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre is a good place to visit if you are interested in performing arts. Do stay tuned to my website always as I will consistently update you all regarding the upcoming shows in that wonderful place.

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