[Coverage] Press Conference & Red Carpet of “Golden Awards金视奖 2014”

[Coverage] Press Conference & Red Carpet of “Golden Awards金视奖 2014”

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – One of the most prestigious awards of the year, “The Golden Awards金视奖 2014” has happened at Putrajaya International Convention Centre a few days ago. In conjunction with the awards, a press conference has been held prior to the ceremony which featured a few international artistes such as Chen Han Wei陈汉玮, Kym Ng钟琴, Joanne Peh白薇秀, Edmond Pang彭浩翔, Guo Shu Yao 郭書瑶, Mike He贺军翔  & Aaron Yan炎亚纶. A red carpet ceremony was held too after the press conference.

Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event. I have missed out a few sessions of press conference due to transportation problems. However, I managed to attend the press conference of Guo Shu Yao 郭書瑶, Mike He贺军翔 & Aaron Yan炎亚纶.

Press Conference: (For Video Coverage, please visit: http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2014/09/video-coverage-press-conference-red.html )

Yao Yao’s Ultimate Goal – Diving In Maldives!
Guo Shu Yao or better known as “瑶瑶” was one of the invited guests to The Golden Awards 2014. During the press conference, she said that she came to Malaysia with a very relaxed and happy mood.

Besides, she also revealed that she’s currently busy with her new movie. The filming of the new movie has made her recalled of her previous filming experience. She has had multiple bruises over her body previously due to intensive training for that movie last time.

Currently, her ultimate goal is to be able to dive in Maldives. In fact, she has even taken up the diving license for that purpose.

When asked regarding which Malaysian artiste that she would be interested to collaborate with, she mentioned Nicholas Teo because they used to work in the same company.

Mike He’s Girlfriend Preference! Hopes To Have More Screenplay Time With Ah Niu!
A press conference with Mike He贺军翔, who has been well-loved for his acting in Taiwanese Drama was also done prior to the awards ceremony.

Mike He has had many cooperation with Malaysian artistes before. For example, he has become the actor for Lee Sinje 李心洁 music video before and in the recent years he has also taken part in Ah Niu’s movie, “金童玉女. He mentioned that he wishes to cooperate with Ah Niu again because he has very little screenplay time with him during that movie as Ah Niu is the director and he only appeared briefly for cameo appearance.

He was also asked regarding his preference in choosing a girlfriend. He hopes that his other half would be someone with good temperament, soft-spoken and can share his burden together.

Aaron Yan Wants To Act As A Killer In Drama or Film!
Another prominent artiste who has come over for The Golden Awards 2014 was Aaron Yan 炎亚纶. He said that he’s very impressed with the actors’ determination especially those who are willing to take up the roles as villains. He also revealed that he would be interested to take up roles such as being a killer. From his point of view, a killer might have certain reasons behind his act and he wished to bring out the touching side of the killer role out if he has such an opportunity to play such character.

When asked regarding his relationship with the other members of Fahrenheit, Aaron mentioned that he was still in touch with Wu Zhun but less with the other two members. He said that friendship is like relationship, it’s something which can’t be forced. Regardless of that, he stated that he would still wish for the best for the other  Fahrenheit members.

For more photo during the press conferences, please visit:

Red Carpet Ceremony:

After the press conferences, the event was proceeded with Red Carpet Ceremony whereby all of the local artistes and international artistes appeared continuously in small groups! A large crowd of fans have also surrounded the red carpet area waiting for their favourite artistes to come!

It was a really glittering and glamourous red carpet ceremony as the celebrities attended with beautiful dresses and stylish outfits!

Try spot some of the familiar faces via the photos below:

For more photos during the Red Carpet, please visit:

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