[Coverage] Award Ceremony of Golden Awards金视奖 2014

[Coverage] Award Ceremony of Golden Awards金视奖 2014
Golden Awards金视奖 2014 Witnessed “The Descendant《香火》” As The Biggest Winner of the Night!

Frederick Lee李洺中, The King of Actor! Debbie Goh吴天瑜, The Queen Of Actress!

Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – One of the most prestigious awards of the year, “The Golden Awards金视奖 2014” has been held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre a few days ago. It was attended by more than hundreds of artistes including the local and international celebrities. Our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com was given a chance to do a complete coverage on the event.

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32 Awards Given Out! Appreciation For Those Who Have Contributed To Local Entertainment Industries!

This was the third time for Golden Awards to be carried out and it was successfully held. Throughout the night, 32 awards were given away ranging from those for actors & actresses to presenters in programmes as well as those behind the scenes. It was a ceremony which truly appreciates everyone’s contribution to local entertainment industry.

The Descendant香火, Biggest Winner Of The Night!

Grabbing away 8 awards, without any doubt, The Descendant香火 was the biggest winner of the night. It has also won away three of the greatest awards of the night including Best Actor, Best Actress & Best TV Drama!

Special Guests Invited For the Awards Giving Ceremony! A lot of sparks between the presenters!
As we have known, there were a few international artistes which were invited to the awards show including Chen Han Wei陈汉玮, Kym Ng钟琴, Joanne Peh白薇秀, Edmond Pang彭浩翔, Guo Shu Yao 郭書瑶, Mike He贺军翔  & Aaron Yan炎亚纶. All of them have created some memorable moments when presenting the awards on stage. Besides, Guo Shu Yao 郭書瑶 & Aaron Yan炎亚纶 have also performed their songs on stage.

Funny moments During Presentation of Top 5 Most Popular Male Artistes!
Mike He found it very interesting when everyone on the floor was moving their fingers in circle during the presentation of awards to One FM Jack for Most Popular Male Artiste. He jokingly said this was the first time for him to see such a scene.

Alvin Wong Won The “Grand Prize”!
While The Descendant was the biggest winner of the night in overall, no one could deny the fact that Alvin Wong was actually a winner of the night too. His funny expressions during his presentation of awards with Yao Yao has brought a lot of laughter to the audiences. In fact, his persistence in asking Yao Yao regarding her relationship status has ended up giving him a “Grand Prize” of the night, a hug from the Yao Yao!

Debbie Goh won the Best Actress! Ready To Get Married!
Debbie Goh吴天瑜 has won the best actress award this time! She has made a promise to herself that she would be ready to get married once she has won this award! The award this time has made her ready to get married. She also said that she would still continue her acting career in the future!

Frederick Lee李洺中, won the Best Actor! He thanked his brother for his success!
During Golden Awards this year, Frederick Lee李洺中 has stood out as the best actor out of a few other competitive candidates such as Adrian Tan, Coby, Jack Uap and Leslie Chai. He has thanked his family members and his brother for his success. He said that his mother was worried of him all these while. This award would be a reassurance to his mother that his decision in this career is worth it. He also thanked his brother for being a teacher for him too.

Awards List & Winners:
Best TV Dramas最佳电视剧:香火
Best Actor最佳男主角:李洺中(香火)
Best Actress最佳女主角:吴天瑜(香火)
Best Supporting Actor最佳男配角:叶良财(香火)
Best Supporting Actress最佳女配角:杨雁雁(哈比全家福)
Best Newcomer最佳新晋演员:陈浩严(香火)
Best Telemovie最佳电视电影:夺命游戏2
Best Director最佳导演:郭福华(香火)
Best Original Screenplay最佳剧本:陈鈺莹(香火)
Best Drama Theme Song最佳电视剧主题曲:灰(香火)伍家辉          
Best TV Drama Montage最佳电视剧片头:一次就爱对2
Best Variety & Entertainment Programme最佳综艺娱乐节目:非常好歌
Besr Variety & Entertainment Programme Host最佳综艺娱乐节目主持人:杨雁雁(Aunty也疯狂2       
Best News & Current Affairs Programme最佳时事节目:7视见:抢救苏丹街
Best News & Current Affairs Programme Presenter最佳时事节目主持人:徐嘉得(环球透视)   
Best Newcaster最佳新闻播报员:陈丽亭(ntv7晚间新闻)
Best Magazine Programme最佳杂志性节目:聆听世界
Best Magazine Programme Host最佳杂志性节目主持人:林佩盈(跨世纪)
Best Festive Programme最佳节庆特备:梦萦古都西安
Best Programme Montage最佳节目片头:启航

Most Popular Artiste (Male)五大最受欢迎男艺人:叶朝明、许亮宇、陈凯旋、陈浩严、梁金龙
Most Popular Artiste (Female)五大最受欢迎女艺人:吴天瑜、童冰玉、蔡佩璇、王淑君、秦雯彬
Most Popular TV Drama最受欢迎电视剧:无间行者
Golden Achievement Award金视辉煌成就奖:傅志坚

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With main sponsor and official car Toyota CamryOfficial hotel Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, official radio station one FM, media partners《旭茉JESSICA&JMEN, 2014《金视奖》Golden Awards has been successfully held. All of the winners of the awards received a trophy which worth more than RM 3000.

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