[Coverage] The Reveal of Members for Demi KeQing可晴 Girl Group – Precious!

[Coverage] The Reveal of Members for Demi KeQing可晴 Girl Group – Precious!

17th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur- Led by KeQing可晴, a new dance and sing girl group has been formed in collaboration between Easternworld Music & VF Production. The group is named as “Precious” and consists of 4 members.

Reveal of members for PRECIOUS!
KeQing可晴: Leader of PRECIOUS
Ke Qing is someone which all of us are familiar with as she has debuted since 6 years ago. She herself is a multitalented artiste who has played the roles as singer, actor and TV host. Besides, she also possesses a large fans base in social media. (Facebook Likes: 320k, Line: 300k fans)

Apart from being the leader, her other role is to guide her other members with her past experience as a singer. However, she jokingly said during the press conference that she’s a newbie now, as a member of Precious!

She was a member of FEARLESS, the champion dance group for Astro Battleground 2014. She has received 最受欢迎网络人气奖.

Hera is anticipating in gaining more experience via being a member of Precious and she hopes to improve herself in both singing and dancing.

Recently, she has taken part in NTV7 drama “法内情and also  acted in Astro 欢喜台 drama “欢喜上课lah”!

Estee feels proud for being able to be part of the group. KeQing said that Estee is very jovial and always comes up with funny topics to talk with the other members.

莹莹Yin Yin
She is the host for two seasons of Astro “童童欢乐园and has taken part in “Sinbad The Musical” before. She knows how to play a lot of instruments including piano, violin and drum. She is also a ballet dancer.

Yin Yin is the only member who was chosen during the recruitment audition in March. Although usually she is the host of a children program, she always hopes that she can chase her dream in singing and dancing.

The concept for PRECIOUS!
Precious is a group with the elements of “创新,动感,勇气,机会” that allow the members to chase their own dreams. It is not an easy job to form a girl group in Malaysia. This is such a precious opportunity for all of them, Ke Qing, Hera, Estee and Yin Yin.

Nikon Supports Precious!
Nikon felt that Precious has a good image which is suitable in representing Nikon. Thus, Nikon will be supporting Precious even at such an early stage of the girl group formation. This is such a golden opportunity for them!

Precious has a lot of potential. Their Facebook fans page is increasing tremendously over the past few days since the reveal of the members! Hopefully they can have a bright future ahead!

Media Q&A Session:

Ke Qing said that they have referred to the success of a few girl groups before the formation of Precious. However, they do not plan to imitate the style of any of these girl groups as they planned to have their own style which belongs solely to Precious!

When asked whether they would be worry about having fans who are biased in liking a specific member, KeQing replied that it’s actually good in boosting their group’s fans base. She hopes that the fans of each member can become the fans of Precious!

Despite being a girl group, they do not live together like how it was practiced among girl groups in certain country. Since they are living nearby, occasionally they will visit each other.

Hera said that Precious will try to do more energetic and unique dance choreograph for their group. Yin Yin replied that they will now focus in their group activities first but will not prevent themselves for taking part in individual events.

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