[Coverage] “King of Mahjong” 麻雀王 Lensing Ceremony and Press Conference

[Coverage] “King of Mahjong” 麻雀王 Lensing Ceremony and Press Conference

4th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – A few days ago, our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com were able to do a coverage on lensing ceremony of “King of Mahjong”, an upcoming Cantonese movie which features artistes such as Chapman To 杜汶澤, Mark Lee 李国煌 , Lenna 林家冰and etc. It will be directed by Adrian 郑建国.

Date: 2nd August 2014
Venue: Asia Tropical Films Sdn.Bhd

Mahjong A Great Platform For Friends and Families’ Interaction!
The main reason for the production team to feature Mahjong as the main theme is due to a few reasons. First, it is a well-loved game among the Chinese families. It is a fun game and an interesting topic to do on.

The director, Adrian郑建国 said that Mahjong can be treated as just a game or can become a gambling tool if you wanted to. If you view it as just a game, it can be a good platform to improve the interaction between people. There are too many 低头族(the kind of people who looks at their mobile device all the time) during family and friends gathering nowadays. If you are playing Mahjong with them, they won’t be looking at their phones or etc that much and they will have more opportunity to interact with each other.

Mahjong Is Well-Known All Over The World!
Adrian has also mentioned that Mahjong is a prominent game nowadays. In fact, the recent Mahjong Championship was won by a foreigner who is not a Chinese.

Chapman To’s Character Won’t Be Wearing That Much and He Likes It!
According to Chapman, he and Mark will be playing characters who are learning how to play Mahjong from Eric Tsang’s character. Mark will then become the Mahjong King while he will be a retired Mahjong player who went on his life being a hawker.

He said that he won’t be wearing too much, most probably just singlet and loose clothes. On the other hand, Mark will be wearing all the glittering costumes which suit his character very well.

Chapman’s To Main Challenge is to become a Good Guy?
When asked about Chapman’s main challenge in this film, Mark jokingly interrupted and said that it would be “to become a good guy”. Chapman agreed on that because his usual roles in the past films are all consisting of characters who might be a little bit cheeky and sneaky. This time he will be playing a really good guy.

His other challenge is to have a daughter in the film. This is a challenge for him because personally, he doesn’t have any children. Inside this film, he will have a daughter who is around 20 years old. He joked that it would be a dream comes true if he could have a child who can suddenly become 20 years old immediately after born. This can save him from the trouble in bringing up the kid. (In a joking manner)

Mark Lee “Fell In Love” with Chapman once he saw him on set!
It is definitely a good combination for having both Chapman and Mark for the movie. Mark said that when two “bad” comes together, there will definitely be a lot of interesting stuffs that could happen during the process of filming.

He even said that he “fell in love” with Chapman when he saw him. This is because he felt that there are a lot of similarities between both of them. Both of them have had some controversial issues previously due to their straight forward personalities in speaking.

Mark said that his condition is better than Chapman because he doesn’t know how to play Facebook like Chapman does. Chapman then joked that, “没脑不用紧,最重要是不要玩电脑!(It’s okay to not have brain, but remember don’t play with computer!)”

In addition, Mark will be playing a villain in this film which is different from his usual roles as the good guy. He said that he’s alright with the character but he regretted for his costumes. What is so regretful about his costumes? I guess we need to watch the movie to know more about it.

Lenna’s first try in Comedy Genre Movie!
As all of us know, Lenna is the winner for Miss Astro Chinese Pageant. This is a new attempt for her as she will be playing a character which will be a little bit different from her usual image as a Miss Astro. She will be acting as Mark’s assistant.

She hopes that through this movie, she can learn from the other actors on how to act in comedy genre movies. She has also been learning how to play Mahjong.

The budget for the film “King Of Mahjong” is 2 million SGD! It will be a star-studded movie featuring many well known artistes. It is expected to be screened during first quarter of 2015!

More info about the show:
Produced by Zingshot Productions, Clover Films Pte.Ltd and Asia Tropical Film Sdn Bhd, King of Mahjong”, is a family comedy set in modern times illustrating friendship among kampong kakis and love between family members underscore all ambitions and desire for power. Movie viewers can expect the boisterous characters to generate loads of witty, well-timed jokes and look forward to lots of lively repartee.

King of Mahjong will be featuring a lot of veteran and prestigious comedian artistes such as Chapman To, Mark Lee, Michelle Ye (Ye Xuan) as the main cast alongside with Eric Tsang, Chu Mi Mi, Lu Hoi Pang, Siu Yam Yam, Yuen King Tan, Singapore’s own Liu Qian Yi and Chen Jian Bin.

Adrian Teh, well-known with his masterpiece “The Wedding Diary I & II” will be the director for this movie. It should be a collaboration which everyone would anticipate of!

In addition, two up and coming actresses Venus Wong (王敏奕) and Cheronna Ng (吳嘉熙) who starred in the Hong Kong hit television series “Never Dance Alone”, will be acting in supporting roles as the daughters of Chapman and Mark, respectively.

King of Mahjong will be filmed in a few locations, mainly at Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Tentatively, the movie is expected to be screened in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan during first quarter of 2015! Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Malaysia will be the distributor for this movie!

Movie Synopsis:

Ah Fatt and Ah Shun are both Ru Wu Chang’s apprentice, Ah Fatt sells Yong Taufu in an old corner shop in Kuala Lumpur. The business is still acceptable due to the support of some old customers. Ah Fatt’s wife ran away for years, abandoned their daughter Si Xi, Si Xi is now a young teenage.

Ah Fatt enjoy his usual life for the past ten years, until one day, an uninvited guest appears and it changes everything. He is the one who won the World Series Championship for ten years continuously, Huang Tian Ba. In between their conversation, revealing his name is “Ah Shun” and he is Ah Fatt’s senior. Ah Fatt could have been happy, but it turned out the other way when he asked Ah Fatt to participate in a World Mahjong Series held in Singapore.

Both of them seem like enemy. What has happened during their age of 20s?

Let’s find out in the cinema during 2015!

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