[Press Conference] Astro On Demand 剧集首映造势活动 Premiere Promo Tour (Featuring Joe Ma马德钟, Him Law罗仲谦, Oscar Leung梁烈唯& Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪)

[Press Conference] Astro On Demand 剧集首映造势活动 Premiere Promo Tour (Featuring Joe Ma马德钟, Him Law罗仲谦, Oscar Leung梁烈唯& Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪)

This post is about the press conference of Astro On Demand 剧集首映造势活动 Premiere Promo Tour, for the coverage of the on-ground activity, please refer to the link below:

7th July 2014, Kuala Lumpur - After the on-ground activity was held, a press conference was held at D’italiane right after it. All of the prominent artistes Joe Ma马德钟, Him Law罗仲谦, Oscar Leung梁烈唯& Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 were interviewed by the host and also the media members on the floor.

Host interviews Q&A:

Benjamin Yuen just filmed two dramas recently. One of them is an ancient drama while another is a modern drama.

Joe Ma stated that the filming for飞虎II has been quite some time but due to editing and etc, it is only ready to be released now.飞虎II has more sparks between each actors and actresses. So audience can expect it to be more exciting than the first one.

As mentioned during on-ground activity, Him Law has involved in one ancient drama whereby he has two wives which are namely Myolie Wu and Eliza Sam. Who is the first wive and who is the second wive? He said of course Myolie is the first one while Eliza is the second one.

As for Oscar, he has taken part in a show known as 《牛头爱搭马嘴》 whereby it also features Johnson Lee. He said that we can expect a lot of humors from Johnson. Hope all of the audience will love their new combination. Besides that, he was also involved in a show titled as 《使徒行者》. In the drama, he is Raymond Lam’s buddy. All of the other characters are serious type but he is playing a character who is a little bit more hilarious compared to the others.

Q&A during press conference:

Among four of you, is there anyone who stood out more in the upcoming飞虎II?
Joe replied that all of them were only hoping for the drama to be good. None of them have any intention to outshine each other. Oscar jokingly replied, we just formed our new group here in Malaysia, “Four”, so they are very united.

About Him Law’s passionate scenes with Mandy in飞虎II, can he tell us the extent of how passionate it is?
Him Law said that it is so much that there is high possibility for censorship in Malaysia version. Benjamin replied that if you know Him’s manager, maybe you can ask for the footage from the manager.

Did Tavia know about this scene? Don’t you scared that she would be mad at you?
Him was surprised to listen to the question and said that if the script is acceptable then he said no harm giving it a try. He said that TVB is not too big. Thus, if there is any news/happenings, everyone will know it easily including Tavia.

Some audiences were requesting Him to marry Tavia. Did you hear it just now? How would you respond to them?
Him replied that seems like Tavia has a great popularity here in Malaysia.

About Joe’s upcoming drama, can you tell us more about it?
He said that he is partnering with Kate Tsui in the upcoming drama and their role in the drama is mediators. Their jobs is to help settle the issues before those cases were brought to the court.

So, Joe, is there anyone else whom you wanna work together with in the future?
I would wanna cooperate with Tavia Yeung because it has been such a long time since his cooperation with her. (Some laughter between Joe and Him)

Oscar, we all knew that you were married recently. Do you have any plans to have kids soon?
It depends on fate. Oscar thanked the media members for the concern. He will definitely share it to the press if there is any happy news about it.

Does Benjamin have any plans for marriage?
Benjamin said that getting married is one of the stage in human life. Currently, he is just planning to work harder and he hopes that he would be able to have a warm family next time.

That’s all for the press conference coverage. If you want to watch the video coverage of the press conference, please click on:

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