[Coverage] Press Conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》

[Coverage] Press Conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》

15th July 2014 – A few days ago, our team from wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com were given the opportunity to attend the media preview and press conference of The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》. The press conference was held at Neway One Utama and was attended by the director Jack Neo and the actors including Chen Tian Wen, Tosh Zhang, Wang WeiLiang, Maxi Lim and Bunz Bao.

Date: 10 July 2014
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Neway Karaoke @ 1 Utama

The press conference began with the production thoughts by the director of The Lion Men, Jack Neo.

To Promote The Culture of Lion Dance in a creative way!
The director of the movie, Jack Neo said that he hoped that the culture of Lion Dance can be promoted through this movie. The pattern of lion dance was displayed in a more creative way to attract and hopefully get more youngsters to get involved into it. Besides, he wished that the culture can be spread to other countries including those in western countries.

More Exciting Moments In this sequel!
As those who have already watched the first movie already knew. During the first movie, the ultimate showdown of the competition has not arrived yet. However, this sequel focuses a lot on the competition. Thus, the audience can expect the movie to be even more exciting than the first one.

High Budget Animation!
One of the toughest challenges faced by Jack Neo in this movie is regarding the filming of CGI animation scene. Those scenes were very hard to be filmed. Plus, a lot of costs were incurred for those effects. Jack stated that they spent approximately RM 500,000 just for the animation effect. (Which is highest amount spent for animation effect out of all of his movies)

Chen Tian Wen 陈天文 has a lot of “Bed Scene”?!! Secret trick in the movie?
Chen Tian Wen who played as the sifu in the movie has had a lot of martial arts scene in the first movie. However, this time around, he has a lot of “bed scenes” because he was injured and has to be bed-ridden. He said that being on the bed can be difficult too because he has got more dialogues to memorize. In addition, he also has a secret trick in the movie which is able to change his daughter’s view. What is that secret trick up his sleeves? Find it out in the cinema soon.

The Main Four Actors Tanned!
When four of the main actors, Tosh Zhang, Wang WeiLiang, Maxi Lim and Bunz Bao were invited to the stage for experience sharing, it is noticeable that all four of them were tanned! It is revealed that the reason behind this is because they are in the process of filming the next “Ah Boys To Men” film.

Experience sharing by the actors!
Tosh stated that his most memorable scene in this sequel is the scene whereby he was assaulted in the alley. It’s his first time being involved in such fighting scene and it was memorable.

For WeiLiang, the challenge he need to face this time is to learn to act as a person who is very low-esteem. Plus, there are quite a number of difficult stunts involved for him, Tosh and Maxi Lim.

Maxi stated that although stuntmen have replaced them for some of the scenes. There were still scenes which required themselves to play. Maxi and WeiLiang has demonstrated some steps in Lion Dance LIVE during the press conference.

Besides, Jack Neo said that Maxi actually has some real skills in fighting. He was then asked to demonstrate LIVE too with Bunz’s amazing beatboxing as the background music.  

The Lion Men series are the first time for Bunz to be involved in a movie but his performance in the movie is good. He stated that he has learnt a lot from Jack Neo. The director has given them a lot of challenges such as altering their scripts impromptu or requested them to exchange dialogues with their fellow actors. WeiLiang jokingly interrupted that most of the time the final version of the script was totally different from the prototype.

Not the typical Jack Neo’s movie!
Chen Tian Wen has also added his opinion that this movie is a bit special. It is a bit different from Jack Neo’s usual movies which are mostly comedy genre. While maintaining the comedy touch in this movie, it has infused romantic elements too.

Movie Songs by the talented actors!
In the movie, it has quite a number of songs. Most of these songs are created and written by the actors themselves. They have performed the songs LIVE during the press conference, here are the videos of their performances:

Media Q&A Session:
Q: Dear director, did you get inspiration from Korean Drama “来自星星的你 in this movie?
A: Well, actually we have already finished filming this movie for quite some time. During the period of editing, we get to know that a lot of people are crazy over this Korean Drama. Thus, we get the idea to insert some scenes which might make the audiences relate to that drama. This one scene was added after we have done filming and editing the other scenes in the movie.

Q: Any upcoming plans for all of these young and talented actors?
A: They are actually acting for some other films already. Well, if there are any Malaysian movie which is interested to cast them, you can try to contact them. In addition, we are actually recruiting new actors too. You can check out our facebook for audition details later on.

The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown 《狮神决战之终极一战》will be available in Malaysia theatre nationwide from 17th July 2014 onwards!

Here are the shoutout by Tosh Zhang and Wang WeiLiang:

Trivia: I have asked both of them on which teams that they supported in World Cup 2014, here’s their pick.

Wang WeiLiang: originally Neatherland, but for finals, Argentina.
Tosh: originally Brazil, but for finals, Germany.

Germany won! Congratulations Tosh! I guess WeiLiang owed you a meal then.

Here’s a photo of me with the main actors. ( Taken by fellow blogger buddy, Tian Chad. (tianchad.com))

For more photo during the press conference, please check out:
Photo Album of The Lion Man: Ultimate Showdown Press Conference

Last but not least, do check out the movie in your nearest cinema when it is released!

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