[Coverage] Press conference of Astro Star Quest 2014 Finale “Astro新秀大赛”

[Coverage] Press conference of Astro Star Quest 2014 Finale “Astro新秀大赛

16th July 2014, Kuala Lumpur – The finale of Astro Star Quest 2014 will be happening this weekend, 19th July 2014 (Saturday) at Stadium Bukit Jalil Outdoor Parking, 8.30pm. This contest is produced by Astro 本地圈, mainly sponsored by London Choco Roll, H2)+ as cooperating partner and MyFM as the official radio station.

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com have been given the opportunity to attend the press conference for the finale of the competition.

The current Top 5 finalist for Astro Star Quest 2014 this year include Ron彭世豪、Elaine李宜玲、Yuii陈静宜、Uriah徐凯 & Sean许益凯.  All of them will need to go through two rounds during the finale to get into the Top 3. The Top 3 contestants will be able to go to third and fourth round and finally a champion will be born.

Out of all Top 5 contestants, Uriah and Elaine have a very good fundamental in music. Uriah who has a good appearance plus ability in playing violin made him the “星星王子” for this year Astro Star Quest. Many of his fellow contestants felt that he would be the hot pick for champion this year.

Elaine has released 3 of her own books before. One of the books is known as “马来西亚民族乐器”. From there, we can see that she really has a lot of passion in music and instrumental playing.

For Ron and Yuii, they both have a great background in music too. Ron’s mother was the finalist in last year “Astro 经典名曲歌唱大赛”. Ron who has inherited his mother’s singing ability even challenged the stage before with his mother’s favorite song “头发乱了. Yuii who has been called as “Langkawi 小公主” on the other hand was one of the members for groups of “Girls 4U” and “四美少女” when she was young.

Another hot candidate for champion is Sean. He is one of the contestants who received a lot of positive comments from the judges. Some of the judges even said that they want to sign him up for album release.

Press Conference Coverage:
Experience Sharing by all the Top 5 Finalist!
During the press conference, Ron stated that he didn’t like his mother to watch him singing. This is because his mother has a different style than him and his mother will always try to advise him to change his way of singing into her style.

Uriah has got three times highest score during the competition. He said that he will try his best during the finale to achieve a standard which he has set for himself during the previous few rounds of the contest.

Yuii mentioned that she used to sing a lot of Chinese New Year songs in the past. However, she preferred to sing pop songs more because she felt that those pop songs are the type of songs which she has always wanted to sing on.

Elaine felt lucky to be able to get into the finale. She will try to enjoy the stage and try her best in singing during the finale. She admitted that it is impossible to have no pressure at the current stage. However, being able to be standing on equal stage with her fellow contestants is actually already a great experience for her.

In the past, Sean has quit schooling for some time due to some friends’ influence. During that time, it was his rebellious period. However, his exposure in the community made him realized that an academic qualification is very important in this day and age. Thus, he then went back to school for his study.

In overall, Ron also stated that he hope to just enjoy the Finale stage. Uriah agreed on that and said that being able to enjoy performing on stage is more important than achieving Top 3.

Yuii doesn’t want to give herself more pressure. She said that she will have faith in fate and will give in her best shot. She said that she used to be afraid in the early ASQ because she seldom performed Chinese song in the past. In her hometown, most are Malay and she usually will pick Malay songs during her stage performance.

Elaine who is the eldest out of all the top 5 candidates stated that the contest is very meaningful for her and it lets her know more about herself.

Last but not least, Sean said that he will try to be the usual him and try his best so that he won’t regret in the future.

The Finalists’ Plan! Go on trip together!
All of the top 5 finalists have agreed that the winners of the contest will treat all the other top contestants a trip to travel around with the cash prize money won. They have all formed a great bond with each other through this competition.

Astro Star Quest 2014” "我的至爱新秀"voting session has been open to public now. The audience can begin to vote now until the dateline on 19th July 2014, 10pm. The prizes in Astro Star Quest 2014 finale include the prizes which worth more than RM400,000. The champion can receive a Corolla Altis which worth more than RM110,000.

Astro Star Quest 2014 Finale “Astro新秀大赛 will be held on 19th July 2014 (Sunday), 8.30pm and will be aired LIVE via Astro Wah Lai Toi (CH 311) and Astro 至尊HD (CH 310).

For more info,please visit: http://asq.astro.com.my or facebook page www.facebook.com/AstroStarQuest .

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