[Coverage] Press Conference of James Yang 杨永聪 Promo Tour In Malaysia (James 杨永聪记者招待会)

[Coverage] Press Conference of James Yang 杨永聪 Promo Tour In Malaysia
(James 杨永聪记者招待会)

12th May 2014, Kuala Lumpur - HIM MUSIC 華研音樂most potential singer of the year 2014, James楊永聰 has come over to Malaysia last weekend to meet the fans and promote his latest albumStay!  

Our team from wljack.com and loong-updates.blogspot.com has been given an opportunity to cover the press conference of his promo tour in Malaysia.

Details of the event:
Press Conference of James Yang 杨永聪 Promo Tour in Malaysia (James 杨永聪记者招待会)
Date: 10th May 2014
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Black Bull @ Level 3, Avenue K

Greeted The Media Members with “好久不见!
The press conference was hosted by DJ from MYFM, Emily Poon. Without much of a delay, Emily has welcomed James Yang 杨永聪to the stage. He has greeted the media members by singing one of his songs in his latest album, titled 好久不见”. He performed the singing while playing his guitar. It’s the first time for the Malaysian media members to meet him in person and most of us were mesmerized by his vocal. Besides the media members, there were a few lucky fans who have attended the press conference and they were the first few people in Malaysia who could listen to him LIVE!

After the performance, James was interviewed by Emily. Emily asked him when was the last time he saw his mother (the question was most probably prompted because Mother’s Day was just on the next day). James replied that he just met his mother 1 day ago because he just came back from Hong Kong.

James’ current goal in his career!
James currently hoped that he could improve his Mandarin and write Mandarin lyrics for his own songs. He wished that he could deliver his feelings through his songs via that way.

James feeling close to Malaysia!
James grew up in London. However, his parents have been staying in Malaysia for quite some time. He stated that he occasionally would come over to Malaysia when he was younger.

He even jokingly mentioned “Sungei Wang” as “生意旺” (Good business)! It’s quite a hilarious scene because his Mandarin speaking was quite funny!

Either way, he’s trying to ask the fans and the media members to remember to attend his promo event at “Sungei Wang” which was held later that day.

Photograph of James with his fans

There was a Q&A session after the photography session. Below are some of the questions asked followed by James’ reply.

Q: Malaysia is full of pretty girls. What type of girls do you like?
A: I prefer girls with good attitude. Although the outer beauty of a girl still plays an important role, his preference is still girl with good personality.

Q: How do you think about Maggie Cheung’s “Stay” performance? Since you have performed that song before, what do you think?
A: I haven’t watched her performance yet. Because I was busy with my performance at Shanghai.

Q: Currently, you have given an impression to others that you are a very serious singer which is quite contrary to your real personality which is more cheerful. Personally, what style do you prefer?
A: I have to admit, I am someone who is still quite young at heart and I personally hope that I can present myself as a more cheerful and playful singer in the future.

Q: Have you ever thought of learning to dance?
A: No. I am really not good in dancing. I can try but I am really not a man with balance.

That concludes the media press conference for James Yang 杨永聪 promo tour in Malaysia.

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