[Official Press Release] Astro Publications Goes Digital

Astro Publications Goes Digital

Astro customers get 5 new digital magazines at no charge

Good news to all Malaysians! Now, you do not have to go to the newsstands to get your favourite magazines anymore. You can now enjoy your latest favourite e-magazines at ease by downloading it at your own ease, anytime, anywhere thanks to Astro Digital Publication’s new e-magazines!

Astro Digital Publications has transformed itself to provide their customers and Malaysians with content on their mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere. To this end, Astro Digital Publications(ADPUB) is pleased to launch 6 digital publications – Style (English women’s fashion lifestyle), Car (automotive), InTrend (Malay women’s fashion lifestyle), FHM (English men’s lifestyle), Men’s Uno (Chinese men’s fashion lifestyle) and ifeel (Chinese women’s fashion lifestyle), which are now available for download on the Apple newsstand, bringing Astro consumers a new level of convenience and interaction.

Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro said, “The launch of these 6 digital publications marks a key milestone for our publication arm as thefirst fully integrated digital publisher in Malaysia. With immediate effect, we are now known asAstro Digital Publications. The world of publications is changing rapidly. Digital publications like ours will open up a new world of exciting possibilities for consumers and advertisers alike. At Astro Digital Publications, we will go all out to excite our readers – satisfy their mind, feast their eyes and feed their fingers.

Advertisers are no longer limited to advertorials in print magazines but can benefit from a holistic yet innovative approach to their campaigns through interactive magazines, websites, social media, activation, and e-commerce opportunities. Their campaigns can showcase the awesome world of augmented reality by videos to engage and captivate consumers on a wide range of platforms that includes mobile, online, iPads, to name just a few.”

Sree Pathmanathan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro Digital Publications said, “We are pleased to announce that the e-magazine versions of our suite of 5 e-magazines will be available for FREE download exclusively to all Astro customers from 10 February onwards. 60% of Astro households own smartphones or tablets. Assuming that 2 individuals of each of these household read our magazines we have the estimated collective readership of 4 million quality consumers, thus making Astro Digital Publications potentially the largest distributed digital platform in the country.

FHM e-magazine is available at USD$0.99 per edition to Astro customers while non-Astro customers can also download any of these magazines at USD0.99 per edition on the newsstand. Keeping our customers top in mind, we are now shifting from a static read to live images with interactivity and engagement as our main focus, which is sure to excite them as we want them to experience our magazines through an entirely different platform. This new world is readily available anytime, anywhere on multi devices for our customers who can keep abreast with the latest in fashion, lifestyle, motoring and more.”

The best is yet to be.Newtitles in the pipeline include Sports, Entertainment and Education as well as AstroView e-magazines. Astro customers can expect the AstroView programme guide for their easy reference in a language of their choice - in English, Malay, Chinese or Tamil.  This means they can access programme information conveniently and immediately, whenever they like.

The beauty of the digital magazines is that, it is no longer static but fully interactive. It is now possible for content to come to life on a digital magazine. For example, sport fans can download a digital sports e-magazine for free and enjoy their favourite sports in the full 360 format with more in-depth details such as football action, football pundits, tally of scores and so on.

Astro Digital Publications aim to provide a first of its kind, fully-interactive, e-magazines that deliver rich entertainment, with  friendly  user-navigation, and content designed bespoke currently for the iPad, and soon on Android that translate into an engaging touch-screen experience.

Think Digital, Think Astro!

For more information and to register please visit www.astro.com.my

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