[Local Entertainment] Spring Chorus Premiering on 31st January 2014

[Local Entertainment] Spring Chorus Premiering on 31st January 2014

Spring Chorus
Premiering on 31st January

Of music, love and family ties

In this upcoming Chinese New Year, ntv7’s Chinese New Year telemovie took the opportunity to produce a heartwarming and compelling storyline for the viewers with a mixture of comedy and romance. This upcoming movie hopes to bring the strong element of emotion to the screen by revolving around Music and its power for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.
The two-hour telemovie entitled “Spring Chorus” will premiere on the Home of Feel Good, ntv7 (Channel 107) come 31st January, the first day of the Lunar New Year, at 8.30pm.

This blockbuster CNY production will be featuring ntv7’s Top 10 personalities made up of Leslie Chai (Most Popular Actor, Golden Awards 2012), Debbie Goh (Most Popular Actress, Golden Awards 2012), Ong Ai Leng, Kyo Chen, Adrian Tan, Aenie Wong, Jan Chin, Lawrence Wong, Frederick Lee and Karena Teo.
With the success of its previous CNY telemovies including a remarkable win at Golden Awards 2012 for Best Festive Programme award, ntv7 promises yet another refreshing production this year.

Introduction of the story
Spring Chorus tells the story of Uncle Tang Fu Xiang, a father of five who is diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 65. His condition becomes increasingly worrying and deteriorating with his unstable emotions that cause him to behave like a child.

Tang Sheng Liang, the eldest son, who is played by Leslie Chai left home ten years ago due to a heated argument with his father who stopped him from pursuing his dream in music education. Sheng Liang who inherits his late mother’s love in music (played by Aenie Wong), stands by his interest and started a new life in America where he majored in music therapy and got married to a loving and understanding wife, Karen (starring Jan Chin). When the 37-year-old Sheng Liang knew about his father’s worsening condition, he decided to return home with his wife and child to take care of his ailing father. Through his experience in music therapy, Sheng Liang believes that music intervention might be able to help his father to improve his condition. This is also the second time that Leslie and Jan are playing a couple on screen since their successful pairing in ntv7’s sitcom drama, Love Compulsory.

Debbie Goh and Lawrence Wong will be playing a rather interesting couple for the very first time. The two-time winner of the Most Popular Actress award in Golden Awards 2010 and 2012, Debbie takes on the role of Fanny Tang, the second eldest in the family and wife of Jacob Wong (Lawrence) who is four years her junior. Unlike her previous characters that often portray her as an attractive and beautiful woman, Debbie’s character this time around gives her a rather nerdy look with thick, round glasses and small curls. Fanny who is an Editor in a publication company took on the responsibility to look after her family members after her eldest brother left to pursue his dreams in America. Her husband, Jacob who works as an IT Engineer may not be a sensitive and understanding person, but would do whatever he can to support his wife.

Apart from that, Ong Ai Leng who plays middle child, Connie Tang, will be pairing up with Frederick Lee as husband and wife for the first time. After knowing about her father’s condition, Connie quit her job to take care of him at home. This then leads to friction in her marriage with husband, Francis. Although he cares a lot about his wife and her family, Francis’s straight forward personality may sometimes be misunderstood by his loved ones.

Kyo Chen and Karena Teo will team up again as a couple after their successful pairing in local drama Superhero At Home. This time however, both will play newlyweds in the show. Kyo will take on the role of the second youngest son in the family, Tang Sheng Wen, who is also the only one who still keeps in contact with their eldest brother, Sheng Liang. Both of them maintain a strong bond although staying apart for almost 10 years. Sheng Wen is also the first to agree with his brother’s decision in using music therapy to help in his father’s condition and constantly go out of his way to unite the family. Sheng Wen is lucky to have the support from his loving wife, Irene who helps him to bring together his entire family. With her interest in fashion, Irene volunteers herself to prepare the costumes for the family’s music performance that is organised to help their father to recall back past memories.

Playing the youngest son, Tang Sheng Xing, is heartthrob Adrian Tan. Sheng Xing is an outgoing person who works as a tour guide in a travel agency. On the outside, he may seem like a middle man who tries to bring the whole family together but deep down in his heart, he is reluctant to do so. With his unpredictable personality, one may not be able to guess what is really playing on his mind.

Will the family be united once more? Will music therapy helps Uncle Tang regain his memories?

Stay tuned ntv7 (Channel 107) and remember to catch “Spring Chorus” on 31st January at 8.30pm.The show is supported by official radio partner, one FM

Cast members of Spring Chorus will also be touring within West Malaysia for meet and greet sessions with fans:

11 January
Mahkota Parade, Melaka
Kluang Mall, Johor
17 January
Alor Setar Mall, Kedah
18 January
Village Mall, Kedah
Auto City Shop d’Park, Penang
19 January

Gurney Plaza, Penang
Ipoh Parade, Perak
25 January
Leisure Mall, KL

Klang Parade, Selangor

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